Young Kukrudites Movement (YKM) Endorses Kate Gyamfua

The easiest decision we have taken as a group was to throw our support and endorse the candidature of Madam Kate Gyamfua as the next Women Organiser of the great NPP.

It was a unanimous decision by all executives when it was pencilled before them to consider who, amongst the leading contenders in the national women organiser race they should endorse and work for.

This position of National Women Organiser led other positions in the deliberations of the group because of the number of WOMEN WHO ARE VYING FOR THE POSITION OF WOMEN ORGANISER IN THEIR RESPECTIVE CONSTITUENCIES

The group had no difficulties at all after laying bare the experience, track record and skills of the two ladies who have come tops as the leading candidates for national women organiser position

Kate is respectful and welcoming, she is humble and charismatic. She knows grassroot mobilisation and operations. She is the deputy National Women Organiser of the party and knows the roles and responsibilities of an effective national women organiser. Mama Kate is not the bossy and loud type who pretends to be on the grounds by virtue of the fact that she appears on media platforms. She has been a rural mobiliser in her home constituency, Akwatia, for years and brings that skills to help the party which has been deficient in mobilising women in rural Ghana.

Patrons of YKM after listening to the reasons behind the group’s decision, gave their blessings and charged YKM to go all out to support candidates who are winnable and have the ability to help the party to consolidate the gains so that the party can be in power for long in order to implement the good policies of President Akufo-Addo.

Osei Yeboah
Secretary, YKM