Women Advocacy Network (WAN) donates teaching and learning materials to the Nkrankrom Basic School

On Friday, 14th June, 2019, the Women Advocacy Network (WAN), under the WAN HELP BUILD SOCIETY PROJECT initiative, donated teaching and learning materials to the Nkrankrom Basic School in the Sunyani municipality. The Nkrankrom Basic School is the second school to have benefited from this initiative to support deprived basic schools in the Bono Region.

In attendance was the Founder of WAN, Ms Janat Issifu, The CEO of Golden Intellectuals’ Schools Mrs. Ranti Adjaku, the CEO of Obonto TV, Mr. Stephen Banahene, A Youth Activist, Mr. Abdul Hakeem Mahama, members of WAN and some past and current UENR SRC executives.

Women Advocacy Network is a social group that seeks to educate and empower women to strive for academic excellence, occupy leadership positions and promote women participation in all meaningful activities and decisions affecting their lives and positively impacting the society in which they find themselves.

The network group is originated from University of Energy and Natural Resources but with the hope of having its chapters in other Tertiary institutions. WAN is made up of diverse students (women) regardless of their political, religion, gender, cultural, ethnic origin, background, creed, apolitical persuasion, social standing. WAN works at mobilizing and harnessing the human, intellectual potential and capacity of the women and channeling them to valuable projects and activities.