Music is primarily seen as a form of entertainment yet it has also been a tool for advocacy.

Music has a powerful potential to address social, economic and political issues.

Highlife in the 1950s became a powerful medium in expressing political ideas in Ghana.

Artists in Ghana and some part of Africa have used their music to advocate for some form of societal change of which we are reaping its benefits in recent times.

A song from the late Ebony, 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA) artiste of the year, Maame Hwe, won the hearts of many because of its lyrics which spoke strongly against Domestic Violence.

Today, things might have changed a bit about our music due to materialism and cultural adaptation
What has gone wrong with music?

Music, once a form of pure entertainment, has become associated with ‘’objectionable’’ content such as misogyny, violence, sexuality, use of drugs and so on.

African music content has become very problematic therefore amounting to the reason for the increase in negative attitude and behaviors.

Derogatory words such as BITCH, PLAYER, PIMP and, POOLEY are now used in music lyrics to describe males and female.
Most so-called “latest” music content in Ghana does not contain any beneficial information yet they are seen as the best songs of the year.

Music lyrics are supposed to be clear and understood by it consumers yet artists release songs like ‘Shashee’ and ‘Pooley’.
Music artists have changed their focus from making music to making money and they have realized that sex, bad images, harsh word, and violence attract and sell, therefore, it has been stolen from its community and repackaged by money-minded business people whose aim is to make a profit.

Women especially are represented as a sex object, dishonest, named and shamed in music, therefore, devaluing our Africa women in the society making them less important in the society.

Therefore, people who have been exposed to sexually aggressive lyrics and videos demonstrate more aggressive behavior in their environment.

In Africa, the youth between the ages of 12- 30 listen to these types of music and are mostly involved in more unaccepted acts in society.

Music had influenced the lives of both young and old especially the youth, and therefore it should have a more positive impact rather than a negative impact.

Such music lyrics and the video attached to it is changing the behavior and attitude of the society. Continuous exposure of such content has made it normalized and accepted, therefore, the society sees no wrong with it if such practices are performed in the society.

Now artists even fight among themselves calming the title of supremacy yet their music content is ‘useless’ to the society
It is so unfortunate and sad that we see nothing wrong with this and I think it’s because of the high level of illiteracy and ignorance.

In my opinion, there should be a law which will ensure and punished artists who produced music which contains any form of violence and misogynistic lyrics or videos out.

by;kessbenfm.com/Regina Abena Owusu