Video: I still think Arnold Schwarzenegger is super human – IFBB Ghanaian born World champion William Bonac

Men’s Open Bodybuilding division is one of the biggest attractions at the Arnold Classic every year in Columbus, Ohio.

William Bonac is the winner of 2020 Arnold classic champion and he is the first Ghanaian for winning such trophy.
Sharing life experience on kessbenfm midfield action, he revealed that living in police cells in abroad has benefited him enough of his career.

According to William, he has toiled tremendously before getting to where he is now. He remarked that his diploma certificate was obtained during his days in police cells in the United States.

He further indicated that, he believe Arnold Schwarzenegger commonly known as Commando in Ghana is still a super human.  Adding that he aim at helping Ghanaian children who have the vision to be bodybuilder.