‘Useless’ Appointees, Blame Them if NPP Fails To Break The 8 – NPP Chairman hints

The Second Vice Chairman for Suame Constituency of New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Richard Asante, has described most appointees in Nana Addo administration as ‘useless’ and deserve not such positions.

Most CEOs, he said, do not have the party at heart therefore provoke members of the party with their attitude and selfish interest.

Speaking to the media. Mr Asante, asked the leadership of the party to blame the CEOs and other appointees if the party fails to break the 8 as being trumpeted.

According to him. Most of the appointees, don’t even pick calls from party executives whose sweats brought the party to power leading to their appointments.

Mr Asante, disclosed CEOs and other appointees such as Ministers and Deputies ought to grab some of the available opportunities for the members of the party .

According to him, its very pitiful when party executives ‘fighting’ with the public for jobs without any preferential treatment for party members.

‘Currently NIA is recruiting people for various positions including regional and district registration officers with no preferential treatment for members of the party who toiled for the victory of the party” Mr Asante said.

The appointees, must bear in mind, that not everybody campaigned and voted for the party to retain power therefore , party members and executives should be treated preferentially to motivate them.

Mr Asante disclosed that the leadership of National Democratic Congress (NDC) understands the rules of the game therefore consider first party members in any job opportunities adding if NDC had been in power, it would ensure such regional and district positions in NIA given to party members .