Upon been accused of taking bribe i saved two penalties and scored one – Osei Kwadwo

Osei Kwadwo is a former goaltender of Kotoko. He served Kotoko for a decade in which he performed several goalkeeping magics, in the then galaxy of stars Krobea.

After many years of quitting football, Osei Kwadwo was in the studio of Kessben TV and radio on the final whistle sports show yesterday to lead listeners reflect on his wonderful moments at Kotoko.

Among the many questions Osei Kwadwo responded to, then came his bitter memories on the 1993 second leg fixture of CAF Champions league final in Egypt.

The former goaltender of Kotoko, recounted that the Zamalek goalkeeper, was his close friend. So after first leg game in Kumasi, he decided to give him a special hospitality treat at a drinking spot. Due to communication difficulties, thus Arabic and English. He was to find a lady who could speak Arabic very well so he left goalkeeper friend and other Zamalek players in the company of the lady and went home to relax.

The rumours of him been compromised by Zamalek ahead of the second leg game in Egypt, started gaining grounds to level that my club officials approached me on the bribery allegation but i denied it with all sincerity. However, I boldly kept in the post for the second leg league in Egypt for entire playing duration.

During selections for the penalty shootouts, while the out field players were dodging to be included in the list. I freely volunteered to take part though my coach initially was skeptical, he had no option than to add me. Because the coach was struggling to get the required number for the penalty kicks. Thankfully, i saved two penalties and scored one. We lost the trophy because some of our players couldn’t convert their own but i exonerated my bribery allegation tag.

To my disbelief, after the game nobody came to thank or give me a pesewa for proving myself worthy against all suspicions in the game

By: Dee Di