Support those who help you up the ladder Government appointees- Bright Boakye-Yiadom’s take

A mango tree with ripe fruit cannot be climbed by everyone or else there will be chaos. Only one person must climb whilst the rest make an effort to push that individual with all their strength and might. Up the tree the climber has a duty to shake it for the fruits to drop so everyone down will benefit and enjoy the juicy fruit.

If the climber make a mistake of behaving in a manner as if he climbed on his own merit and strength, then the results will be missiles from down to the top, or still the probability that the tree must be cut down. This is a serious and typical scenario of political appointees who behaves as if they won political power on their own and continue refusing to look back at the grass root.

These footsoldiers will definitely come after you or will do everything possible for the party to loose the election by cutting down the whole government (,tree) down so everyone looses. We must wake up as a political party, it’s almost one year in office, yes we agree that the NDC mismanaged things but appointees cannot tell us they are on empty stomach for the whole year. Our boys need assistance for businesses and jobs.

They should stop these online adverts and find ways of helping these grassroots. The youths did not hear go online when they were pushing you on top. Action must be now and at the beginning of the year before things get out of hand. Already setting smokes has already reared it’s ugly heads in some parts of the country. The tree is too comfortable, please shake it and let the fruits drop.
Good day/night depending on where you may find yourself.

The writer Bright Boakye- Yiadom is a Former TESCON President- UEW-Mampong, President Loyal Patriots for Ntim, a communicator of the NPP in Techiman North constituency and a campaign team member of Stephen Ayensu Ntim.