Sunyani Start-up Pitch Summit :GrassRoots Hub and Ghana Tech Lab Supports 15 Tech Innovative Start-ups

On Friday 11th September 2020, GrassRoots Hub in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab organized Sunyani Start-up Summit in the Bono Region.

The event brought together 15 Tech innovative Start-up ideas motivated by the SDG Goals with support from the Ministry of Communications, MasterCard Foundation’s Young Africa Works Initiative and the World Bank under the Pathways to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) programme to facilitate sustainable development through sustainable job creation.

This initiative was made possible by the implementing partners, GrassRoots Hub and Ghana Tech Lab after providing a six week intensive Web Development Training (GTLBase) Program for 30 young people in the Bono Region.

The participants took a survey in the Bono Eco-system after the training to identify the loopholes in the local economy and also find the existing opportunities which have not been utilized yet to come up with technologically advanced ways to take advantage of these opportunities.
The event was largely attended by IT Experts, well vested entrepreneurs, stakeholders in the Sunyani Eco-system, and investors looking to provide supports for young startups with greater visibility to put the Bono Region on the Map when we speak of Web Technology.

Speaking at the event, Janat Issifu the Manager for GrassRoots Hub expressed her Gratitude to all present for honouring the invitation to attend the event and offered support to the 15 startups who were ready to pitch their various Tech Innovations, with hope of making the much needed positive impact which would move these investors to offer support and steer them towards sustainability.

She reiterated the objectives of the Sunyani Startup Pitch Summit which is to create an avenue for the startups to pitch their innovations to a pool of investors and entrepreneurs, ensure easy access to funding and promote startup culture in the Sunyani Community and Bono Region at large.

She added that “GrassRoots Hub is a social impact hub geared towards promoting and progressing the SDGs by supporting and incubating start-up businesses through training programs that provide skills and knowledge and improve on their skill-set to accelerate job creation and sustainable development”

The Keynote Speaker for the Summit, Atebiya Akurugu Emmanuel, a Research and IT officer at Nation Builders Corps in Bono Region while addressing the guests and participants said, “Gone are the days where the use of computers and software were only limited to big organisations and institutions due to its complex and cumbersome nature.

In the past decade, we have seen a consistent change in the accessibility and compatibility of computer and modern IT devices”. He added that, “the digital world is in a constant expansion due to the rampant nature in the use of IT devices, providing a pathway for entrepreneurs to drive growth for their businesses with the wide and improving coverage of the internet”. He concluded by saying that, “organisations who make little use of web technologies handicaps themselves from bigger growth because, the new media due to its accessibility aids in the improving productivity to drive organisations by attracting larger audience to their businesses which is why the local authority will continue to champion government IT initiatives like the National Digital Property Addressing System and have open their doors for IT innovation to drive positive change in the Region”.

All the 15 Start-up gave an outstanding presentation of their various tech innovations. They pitch their ideas whiles explaining the various components of theirs innovation and also presented prototypes of their ideas through a powerpoint presentation.

At the end of the summit 3 start-up ideas Team Afrik, Team Obaano and Team City came on top as the Winner, First Runner Up and Second Runner Up respectively. Team Afrik, the winning start-up idea came up with a mobile app as well as a website that will help to promote and project the works of fashion designers in Ghana and Africa to the world. The mobile app is an innovation which will provide a platform for Fashion designers to exhibit, market and promote their products and collections online for easy accessibility and service. Team Obaano, the first runner up is also designed a mobile app and website to help women access quality health service. The innovation is a technology which is designed to give women the opportunity to have access to good healthcare and education in the comforts of their homes. The second runner up, Team City, presented a tech idea which is also designed to drive good health and sanitation in the Bono Region. This is a recycling innovation that provides an incredible solution to bring improvement in the sanitary conditions in the Bono Region.

The winners of the Sunyani start-up summit expressed their joy for having this great opportunity to participate in the pitch and much more fulfilment in having their ideas come up on top of all 15 start-up ideas. They said now more than ever they are motivated to move towards working harder to ensure their start-ups reaches its full potentials
GrassRoots Hub and Ghana Tech lab is poised to continue this journey with our winning start-up as they undergo intensive incubation to receive all the technical support needed for the growth and development of their businesses. The remaining participants will be exposed to other avenues to utilize their innovative ideas and also the skills acquired during the Web development training.