Stop The Hypocrisy! We Have All Sinned…Roman 3:23 – Comfort Darbo

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone to the minister, (John 8:7). Accuser presume they are smart just because they have not been caught in very act.

Now search through your own conscience and calculate the number of young women with goals and purposes yet you have aided in devilling their aims for your sexual fantacies.

1. The undue influence, pursuing our young ladies with gifts, power and influence
2. Telling them sweet lies just to get them on bed

3. Aborting pregnancies for you because you said your not ready.

4. Refusing to use condom then asking her to take pills forgetting that can cause ovarian cancer and infertility.

5. Dressing half naked to look hot and sexy, surprisingly dumped her to marry another person…

Many young women pass through many more of these dilemmas and it only take a very strong and bold heart to come out disregarding the social criticisms from both male and females.

Nobody is pure to judge anybody here but before you cast your stone, check the things you do behind the cameras…

With the short video I watched, it indicated to me how the minister is a real gentleman. Congratulations to all the women in his life especially his wife. He is an example to be emulated to violent men who don’t treat women right.

But for the lady, I cannot say much because I do not know what might have triggered her decision, but I will entreat all other young ladies to come out loud if there is something that can temper with their future.

To the president and government, people in authority and organizations it is time to recognize the natural powers of women if we want to grow as a nation and institutions.

The Americans have this saying ” American develops when women develop, therefore Ghana will develop when women develop. Invest in women and allow them to grow

Writer; Comfort Darbo women, children advocate.