Stop Misleading our Youth – Michael Kessey- Akissiway

It’s a deniable fact that God our creator cherish the younger children so much and as such it is imperative for our entertainment industry to be mindful of its activities. God left the strong and energetic men of Israel at home and instructed Joshua to gather the youth to destroy the walls of Jericho.

Let’s reflect our mind a bit on the encounter between the fearsome Goliath the (giant) and a small boy David the (shepherd) where the people of Israel had a lot of strong and energetic men to face him at that particular time, but God in his own wisdom wanted to prove that he had special love for the youth that was why he used David to stop Goliath. It’s sickening, looking at the way and manner the Ghanaian entertainment industry ruining the lives of the youth of this blessed country. Having forgotten the fact that, they are our future leaders and the growth and development of our beloved country depends on them. It may interest Ghanaians to know that, nowadays our youth are led astray by the things they see or hear from our entertainment industry which shows prostitution, fashion, Internet scamming, Blood money, Spiritualist, armed robbery, 419, sex and pornography to ruin the future generation of this country. Our entertainment industry which should be exhibiting good morals to educate our youth to become a useful member in the Ghanaian society is rather propagating an immoral act that is leading our youth to a point of no return.

Surprisingly, the same ministers of the gospel who stand on pulpit to preach against prostitution and pornography have set up Radio stations and Television stations to talk about how people can have a sexual intercourse. If I may ask these ministers, whose radio stations are doing such programs why are they not using their pulpit for that sex education during church hours? Somebody who calls himself not a servant of God but rather a man of God will gather courage and call on radio program and tell the listening public how he licks his wife and satisfy her on bed. Nowadays, a television station set up by a well-known Bishop can’t show any religious program in the night till dawn, except pornographic films to its viewers. So now pornography is a substitute for preaching the gospel of truth that will lead us to salvation. No wonder the devil only comes to steal, destroy and kills. Prominent men who have set up radio and television take delight in making money more than using their platforms to educate the youth of this country to live a life worthy of who God wants them to be in the future.

God in his own wisdom said “A hand which does not work must not eat” and surprisingly television stations and radio stations owned by some business tycoons and politicians who wants to become leaders of this blessed country give way for spiritualist to use their platforms to lure our youth into blood money and sakawa. It is not by accident that the youth who are supposed to be the future leaders are dying premature death. In the olden days hardly would you hear the police have arrested criminals and majority of them are youth. It’s disheartening and sad to know that the youth are the target of such products. Who should be held responsible for this evil deed? It is obvious the entertainment industry which is made up of the music and movie. Most of the deception which flourishes there will automatically ruin the potentials and destinies of our youth which will lead them to a wonderland.

Indecent dressing that thrives among the youth the youth of nowadays both males and females are a product of the entertainment industry. Role models and celebrities in the movie and music industry are persistently dishing out bad moral values and culture for the up and coming ones who will one day take over the mantle from the elderly people to imbibe. Indecent scene a typical example was the one exhibited by a popular musician Kobolo in an exclusive interview on TV3 with the host Deelay, where an interview turned to be a pornographic exhibition on the part of the musician. An up and coming musician also on stage removed his penis publicly. I felt so bad when I sat in a taxi three days ago and the music that was played in it was full of profane words such as “Wo mame twe, wo mame twe” meaning your mother’s sex organ sang by a famous Ghanaian musician. I can see the wealth some of our hip life artists have gotten has over shadow their conscience and there is no difference between them and mad people on the street. What a shameful act and to which destination is our celebrities taken our youth to?

There is this belief that the movie and music industry is a “make believe world” that is full of real life situations but when you see actors and actresses and musicians in real life, there is absolutely no difference between when they are performing on stage and out of stage.. Interestingly those gospel musicians if you look at their dressing and watch their videos of their song you will notice nothing shows they are gospel musicians. Some of our female musicians appear on stage almost half –naked, exposing some vital organs of their bodies which should only be seen by their partners or husbands. Teenagers and adults of nowadays are learning from them so as to belong and be accepted by the society. Young boys don’t mind sleeping with sugar mummies who are old enough to be their mothers.

Majority of our youth are much more interested in homo-sexuality and masturbation. A case in point involves a BS3 pupil and his friend in another school who are serious customers of “homo-sexuality” all because they have watched films in which men sleep with men and marry each other as husband and wife. Surprisingly young boys and girls in recent times take delight in patronizing creams and pills that enlarges breast and manhood advertized on radio and Television without critically looking at the consequences. Christians and other religious group members also have develop interest in pornographic films to the extent that they have them on their mobile phones, tablets and computers and their laptops as well in their various homes. God has the youth at heart and wants them to look for where their potentials are and develop upon it to earn a living. The kingdom of heaven belongs to these young ones so let us not mislead them to the Lion’s den. My passionate appeal to our entertainment industry is to help in the upbringing of the youth of this country to become useful members in the Ghana society. They should not always think of the money they will get.

Michael Kessey- Akissiway/