We still stand by Evelyn Boakye -MWOW

We the members of Modern Women of Wisdom International (MWOW) still pledge our unwavering support to Miss Evelyn Boakye, the innocent lady who was allegedly assaulted by her supervisor Jihad Thaabn in March this year. .
Jihad Thaabn, Evelyn’s former supervisor is 26 years old and the brother-in-law of the owner of Mawarko restaurant.
As a success –oriented and purpose-driven humanitarian organization whose ultimate priority is to relieve suffering and maintain human dignity in Ghana and beyond, we strongly believe the laws of Ghana would be applied accordingly tomorrow as the whole world awaits the final verdict.

If the general public can recall, Jihad Thaabn angrily grabbed the neck of Evelyn and placed her face in a hot blended pepper with her eyes opened for more than ten minutes. This horrible action was condemned by the good people of Ghana and civil society groups which included Modern Women of Wisdom International. We paid Evelyn a visit and we have stood by her from day one till date.

It is sad to note that, the abuse of Ghanaian workers by foreign employers keep escalating day in day out. Some foreigners hit their employees with sharp items and sometimes rape the women. Evelyn’s case is one of the few that has caught the eagle eye of the public. We still have others who are suffering in silence. Some have lost their sense of gustatory, auditory, olfactory, touch and vision as a result of such horrible abuses but they lack the listening space to share their ordeals.
We believe in the courts of our land and we know justice will surely prevail tomorrow.

Long Live Ghana,
Long live rule of Law,
Long live MWOW.

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