Statement: Solidarity Message From NPP China Branch To All Ghanaians At This Period Of Coronavirus Epidemic

On behalf of the executive and leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) China branch, I write to send our party’s solidarity and encouraging message to you. The outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus has become a global public health crisis and concern. The epidemic in China has created fear, panic and anxiety among all nationals and states globally. It is during this emergency and horrific period of human tragedy that we the NPP China Branch stand with you. We encourage and strengthen all Ghanaians to take safety precautions and abide by all health protocols and guidelines to avert been infested.

I will admonish that you all keep observing personal hygiene. The culture of washing your hands with soap and keep observing the directives given by the Ghanaian Mission in China. i.e. The Embassy and Consulate. This is the body that represents the Government of Ghana. The information we have received from the Ghanaian Ambassador indicates that the President of Ghana is in constant connection and deliberations with the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry to provide assistance to all Ghanaians at any material moment.

The party’s branch in China has procured some quantum of surgical mask and sanitizers to be distributed to you and to strengthen your preparedness against the fight of this virus. I hope this gesture will be useful at this time when there is shortage of these relevant materials.

I can assure you of the able leadership of Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, the Ghanaian Mission and the President of the Republic of Ghana of their commitment to duty and care in this difficulty times. The Government of Ghana under President Nana Akufo Addo is with you and will support your welfare and safety. The NPP and the elephant fraternity is with you. The party’s branch is following the issues as well as our government.

At this juncture, we stand with you in prayers and in common hope and spirit as Ghanaians. Kindly, be reminded of your faith and trust in God. Surely, God willing we shall overcome this global epidemic.

Thank you.
Mr. Ben Owusu Achiaw
NPP China Branch Chairman