Statement: Ghana Union in Norway Condemns Inhuman Treatment of Africans in China

WE as members of the Ghana Union of Norway (Kristiansand Chapter), wish to condemn the inhuman treatment meted out on Africans in the Chinese city of Ghangzhou, linked to the global pandemic COVID-19.

Our condemnation comes on the backdrop of a story reported by the UK-based media organisation, the Guardian, on the headline: *”China fails to stop racism against Africans over COVID-19″* published on 29.04.2020, which caught the attention of the union. The story mentioned that some of the Africans maltreated by Chinese nationals came from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Ghana.

We find this distasteful in the eyes of respect for humanity and that we believe for the global population of over 7.7 billion, whether Africans or Asians, North Americans or South Americans, Europeans or Oceanians; we are one people, one family in the world. And that inhuman treatment on people here in Norway or any other country including China, affects us both directly and indirectly.

By this measure, we expect China to resort to diplomacy and ride on the skins of international relations in dealing with foreign nationals in their country. Even if Africans or others of different race are flouting national rules or laws in China, we expect that Chinese officials deal with them according to the law BUT NOT subjecting them to inhuman treatment.

We acknowledge the important role China plays in the global economy. However, we expect that China as a member state of the United Nations (UN), a global body that unites people across continents and as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China would commit to the UN 1948 Human Rights in respecting humanity irrespective of race.

We also acknowledge that in as much as China is committed to joining the World Health Organisation (WHO) in finding solution to the COVID-19, it must also commit to respecting humanity.

We are by these reins, urging all African Embassies and Missions in China, especially, those of Nigeria, Ethiopia and Ghana, to rise to mend the “broken issues” with China on behalf of their nationals victimising such dehumanisation.

Say no to racism, China! The world must be above racism!

*Chairman*, Stephen Zamore

*Vice Chairman*, Emmanuel Tay

*Secretary*, Joseph Kyei-Boateng

*Financial Secretary*, Priscilla Serwaa

*Organiser*, Joseph Agana