The NPP, on the occasion of founders’ day commemoration, is pleased to join the rest of the world to wish all Ghanaians a joyous celebration. August 4, is indeed the most historic day in our struggle for nationhood. It was on this day that the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC), the first political movement in the country that awoken the conscience of Ghanaians to strive for independence, was founded.

It was this political movement, founded by the legendary nationalists, JB Danquah and Paa Grant that set the stage for our struggle for independence from the relics of colonial rule. Beyond that, August 4 in the year 1897 is also the day on which the famous Aborigines’ Right Protection Society, an important milestone in our match for nationhood and self determination, was birthed.

Such a day is therefore worth celebrating, to, among other things, remind ourselves of the very toils and sacrifices of our forebears in the struggle, and more importantly, to have an introspection on how their virtues can inspire us to be patriotic citizens ready to give our all for our country.

It is in recognition of the inestimable importance of this historic day that the government of President Akufo-Addo through a legislative instrument, declared same as not only a Commemorative Day but also as a Public Holiday dedicated to remembering all the gallant heroes and heroines of the independence struggle who, for all intent and purposes, are deserving to be called the Founders of this country.

As the day, which has also been dedicated to celebrating our Senior Citizens is marked, the NPP calls on Ghanaians to renew their covenant with the nation and reaffirm their commitment and dedication to our national cause for the love of God and country.

Once again the party wishes all Ghanaians a happy founders day celebration.


John Boadu
General Secretary