Statement : Attack On The Electoral Commissioner And The Arrest Of Prophet Kwabena Owusu Agyei – NPP UK

We have been very concerned with the damaging rhetoric on the EC and matters arising from that office. Some elements within the opposition NDC have made it a point to discredit the EC at all cost as they have been doing for a while as per the outcomes of their various meetings. It almost feels like the opposition NDC does not want the EC to do it’s constitutionally mandated duty. In addition to that the NDC has resorted to the use of feisty, inflammatory and derogatory as well as inciteful language on the EC.

While we will urge each and every Ghanaian to be responsible for their actions, we will also like to draw the attention of those who fuel such negative narratives on the EC in particular, especially those from the opposition NDC to the following:

a) While the Ghanaian constitution guarantees freedom of speech for every citizen, the criminal code is very clear on ‘intent’.
b) “All persons shall have the right to (a) freedom of speech and expression, which shall include freedom of the press and other media” (Ghana’s Constitution, 21 (1a)).
c) “If a person does an act with intent to assault, harm, kill, or cause any other event to a particular person, and his act happens to take effect, whether completely or incompletely, against a different person, he shall be liable to be tried and punished as if his intent had been directed against that different person; but any ground of defence or extenuation shall be admissible on behalf of the accused person which would have been admissible if his act had taken effect against the person or in respect of the thing against whom or in respect of which he intended it to take effect” (Ghana’s Criminal Code 1960, Act 29).
d) “Whoever threatens any other person with unlawful harm, with intent to put that person in fear of unlawful harm, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour” (Ghana’s Criminal Code 1960, Act 29: Threat of Harm).
e) “Whoever threatens any other person with death, with intent to put that person in fear of death, is guilty of a second degree felony” (Ghana’s Criminal Code 1960 Act 29: Threat of Death).

We condemn all such actions on the EC and we strongly advise Ghanaians to take responsibility for their own actions, and urge the NDC to back off and allow the EC to do its mandated work.

Prophet Kwabena Owusu Agyei engineered his own arrest. He made pronouncements which were not lawful for which he must answer. He must take personal responsibility now, not forgetting the alleged possession of weed.
We do not see his arrest as totalitarian as peddled by some opposition NDC members, but rather an enforcement of the law. We commend the national security team.

Let’s all learn a lesson from this and that of the Muntie 3 saga in 2016.

*Kwaku Bimpeh*
*NPP Diaspora Communications*
*Deputy Communications* *Director, NPP UK*