The search for greener pastures by our young women, a worrisome trend that we must tackle with fierce urgency – USAG WOCOM

Over the past few years, there has been a mass exodus of our young women outside the shores of Ghana in search for a better life.The issue of connection men and people who have acted as travel agents and facilitators is on the rise. It is very common to see various job vacancies displayed on walls mainly available to women who want to secure jobs outside the country. These notices often come with juicy and enticing packages to lure our women into jumping into such manipulations.

Very unfortunately, most of our young women fall victim to these scams and deceptive packages. Most of these countries with such packages are in Asia. The Qatar’s, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and to mention but a few.As we speak, most of our women are in regret of such scams, they have been deceived and are now facing the reality of no greener pastures anywhere. Most of them are now engaged in prostitution, drug trade, house helps and other less dignifying jobs.

This worrisome trend must be addressed head on , our embassy’s are now overwhelmed by the number of women who visit them in search of aid so they could return to the country. As a women’s advocate and a voice of our female students, this issue is of germaine concern to me and the commission as a whole. It is in the light of this that I make a clarion to all stakeholders to help tackle this menace.

It is this time of the year that almost all university campuses are on vacation and students having vacation at home. Some will try to do some jobs to earn income to fend for themselves or to be able to pay their fees. The commission is therefore calling on all our female students to be cautious and wary of such unscrupulous people. In as much as we do not want to discourage our females from working ,we believe that there are opportunities here in Ghana and we the youth must speak.

It is clear that these activities of the middlemen and connection men are not worrying but illegal.They are simply defrauding our innocent women and taken undue advantage of some ignorant ones. I believe a collaboration between our security agencies and our various embassy’s will help bring the perpetrators to book. The activities of our women in those countries cast a dent on the image of our country. Government must also play its role by ensuring the institutions and embassy’s that condone such acts are dealt with.

The commission by this statement is admonishing all our university women to reject such offers, most of our ladies are home since most schools are on vacation and may want to earn some income this period in order for them to be able to pay their fees, in as much as is good to engage in income trading activities, its unsafe and wrong to engage in such trips. Let’s stay away from these scams.

We all have a role to play in fixing this menace, we are therefore soliciting for the support of the government, media and all stakeholders to help curb this growing culture. Together we will make progress and tackle this issue head on.

Thank you.

Ellen Adjeiwaa Adams
Women’s Commissioner, University Students Association of Ghana