Scholarship Secretariat Hands Over Cuban Trained Doctors To Health Ministry And Rubbishes John Mahama’s Palpable Falsehood

The Scholarship Secretariat led by the Registrar Mr Kingsley Agyemang on Monday 12 August 2019 handed over 220 Ghanaian young medical doctors who were trained in Cuba to the Ministry of health to help bridge the Patient to Doctor ratio needs of the country.

The 220 graduated medical doctors is from the 250 medical students who were sent to Cuba to be trained. However 9 students failed and will be rewriting the Cuban state exams in October,7 were engaged in some infractions of the Cuban laws and were repatriated,13 students repeated or changed their courses, A student was sent back to Ghana on grounds of ill health and will return to continue when fully recovered. A graduate Student, Abdul Rahaman Iddrisu absconded and 2 other doctors also refused to tender in relevant documents to the Ghana mission in Havana and the authorities will pursue them to its logical conclusion.

The Registrar also urged the newly trained Doctors to exhibit high level patriotism as they take their new roles in the medical profession.


The intention of the Late Professor Atta Mills was very good. He needed to soar up the Patient to Doctor ratio which was within an acceptable limit. So in 2012 he directed Ex President Mahama who went Cuba to negotiate the deal, the deal which burdened the National purse by almost 150,000 US dollars per student for the entire duration of the program, It was not a scholarship by the Cuban government, this was a fully paid even at a premium than Ghana could have paid for so it was so it a full sponsored thing by the government of Ghana.

In the cause their training 2014- 2015, 2015-2016 , 2016-2017 academic years were all outstanding in terms of tuition. When it comes to the payment of their monthly allowances almost a year was outstanding and had not being paid as at 2017. His Excellency President Akufo-Addo came in and cleared all the tuition, accomodation and feeding arrears and also paid off outstanding amount in terms of stipends.

The media in a post handing over interaction with Registrar wanted to know if they are other Ghanaian students studying in Cuba, the Registrar responded “As we speak now 2019 and it is very instructive to know, again am happy but the same time very sad because if the negotiation in 2012 had gone on very well we would have seen double the numbers that we are seeing. Why am I saying this, In 2012 when when Ex-president Mahama negotiated for the deal it cost every student for the entire duration of the program, tuition and accomodation was 96019 US dollars, In 2019 when we went to renegotiate we had at it 55,000 US dollars per student for the duration of the program. Obviously seven years down the line average mind or reasonable people will believe that it should have gone up instead of it coming down because it’s the same Cuban Authorities and the same Cuban medical services that this deal was negotiated with so I believe that the negotiation was a bad negotiation in 2012.

We have 200 students now in Cuba (Ghanaian students) of which the tuition and accommodation is 55,000 US dollars for the entire duration of the program. His Excellency the Vice President Bawumia during the graduation of these young doctors in Cuba also brokered a deal and my understanding is that the Cuban Authorities on every year for the next five academic years, 40 students from Ghana will be going from the deprived and Zongo communities.

Former President Mahama’s Facebook post:

On Ex-president Mahama’s Facebook post, the Scholarship Secretariat Boss said what the former President said was a palpable falsehood and his handlers didn’t brief him well because all the 220 doctors who are here are all general practioners non of them is a specialist so the assertion that He took gynaecologist there is obviously a falsehood . Out of the 250 students that went 165 were males and 85 were females and he again asserted that they took more Muslims that cannot be true. He concluded by saying his outfit will open the demographics for Ghanaians to see and know the truth from palpable falsehood the former President opined on his Facebook handle.