Reorganizing the youth of Gomoa West – Wonder Madilo NDC National youth organiser aspirant

Having served the National Union of Ghana Students as its president, Wonder Madilo got his political tutorials and now wants to blaze the trail of former students leaders in the political landscape of Ghana.

Wonder Madilo an Aspiring National youth Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress took his familiarization and rebuilding tour to Gomoa West in the Central Region to interact with the youth in the rebuilding drive.

Below is the full delivered at Gomoa West

Mr Chairman, Youth Organizers here gathered, Comrades, Special mention of Cadres and Media present; Good Day to you all…

It is my utmost joy and in all humility to be with you here and to support this worthy course!

Our Party at this moment would require of us to chart paths that heals, paths that unites, paths that draws people closer, paths that values our core principles, paths that grow our party and finally paths that will ensure victory2020…

I am excited to announce to you without any doubt that, this is exactly what this groups seeks to do and on that premise I pledge my commitment and support to you!

Let us engage each other in a manner that does not destroy the very fabric of our party!

Let us not only ‘talk’ reconciliation and Unity; let’s be seen doing and living by them!

Let us not only discuss agenda; let us be seen implementing them!

Let us not only gather because of our great party the NDC, Let us be seen taking keen interest in the welfare of our support base!

Let us not be called to defend current executives and former appointees, let those who were privileged be seen committing and supporting the less privileged in our party!

Party organisation is not only built around meeting at Branch, Constituency, Regional and National levels to make decisions!

Party reorganisation is not a call to unity, reconciliation and or a call to cease fire!
Party reorganisation can’t only be a call for Congress or election of a Flag Bearer!

The real job of reorganisation is rallying around a fulcrum that inspires, that promotes values, that develops strategies for a win, that ‘oils’ the engine of the party and engages members of the party along lines of unity of purpose!

I want to assure you that we are just on the right path! Let us push harder and victory will be ours!

Long live the Youth Agenda for Action
Long live the NDC

3y3 Zuuu
3y3 Zaaaa…..


Kudos Ohene Costy
You do all