Rejoinder to NDCs propaganda machinery: Presidents and their scandals since 1992- NDC a Typical Example of Shenanigans- Edmund Kyei

Attention has been drawn to a write up deliberately written by the opposition NDC to demoralize the current government on scandals since 1992, and by carefully reading and scrutiny I saw they have tagged the past government with just nine scandals and tagged the current government with numerous scandals.
I want to state emphatically that 96% of the allegation against the present government is totally false and it’s a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image and the hard earned reputation of the current government.

The NPP government is doing its possible best to improve the lives of the citizenry, the government has adopted so many social interventions to improve lives, the government is also assisting the private sector to thrive in order to boost local production and to also reduce unemployment drastically. The NPP government is also working hard to move from exportation of raw materials to exportation of finished product from our local companies, these are some of the visions of the NPP government.

Ghanaians are much aware of the numerous corruption scandals during the ex government’s regime, if I’m forced to name some of the corrupt practices during ex president Mahama’s regime there will be shortage of ink, the popular ones are still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians and I think Ghanaians don’t have short memories as he once said.

From the post that they are circulating to demoralize the government, I think they want politics of equalisation but it won’t wash, and the ex government is the most corrupt regime Ghanaians have ever witnessed in the history of this nation.
Please disregard the NDCs propaganda and publication of tagging the current government with corruption and treat it as trash when it reaches you.

*…. signed…..*
*Edmund Kyei*
*Asokwa NPP 1st Vice Chairman and National Communication Member*