Under My Reign Massive Respect Has Been Given The Media – Saanie Daara Assess Himself

Communications director of Ghana football Association Ibrahim Sannie Daara has evaluated himself as bringing forth much reverence for the Local media in media since he occupied office as the spokesperson of Ghana football Association.

The former BBC sports journalist reckon himself as bringing improvement and much innovations to the Communications department of the GFA since his reign.

Saanie Speaking in an extensive interview with Kessben TV was fudged to rate himself above erstwhile spokesperson of the Ghana football Association, Randy Abbey but was however quick to outline a number of innovations he’s brought to improve the Communications department.

Among the many innovations according him, which were all introduced by himself to make an effective Communications channel at the FA, Saanie Daara particularly stressed on ensuring the under his reign the local media getting much respect.

Having a social media account for the football association synchronized with an active website and a broadcast circulation features have been some of the improved positives at the Communications department of the GFA under him.

Saani Daara after 10 years of working relationship with the British Broadcasting Corporation – BBC resigned in 2012 and came back to his native land to work with the GFA.

The former journalist of the then Choice FM in Accra holds a masters degree in International Journalism from the Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

BY: Nazir Hamzah