Re-Minister Blames Drivers And Good Roads For Significant Increase In Road Accidents

The attention of the Ministry of Roads and Highways has been drawn to a twitter handle page of Joy 99.7fm, attributing a statement to the Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah that drivers are to be blamed for the significant increase in road accidents and that construction of goods roads will lead to more fatalities due to driver indiscipline and over speeding.
It is worthy of note that the Hon. Minister of Roads and Highways never said that
‘’construction of good roads will lead to fatalities’’. To emphasise, what the Hon. AmoakoAttah said was ‘’… research and evidence show that over 90% of road accidents could be attributed to the human factor. In our country, the more we improve on our roads, the more we make our roads motorable and comfortable to ride on, the more we spread asphalt overlays, the more we get and record accidents because most of our drivers take the opportunity to over speed on improved roads’’. The Minister further called upon his colleagues in Parliament to assist in educating their constituents on road safety issues.
We wish to state that the reportage by the said twitter handle is misleading.
We hereby entreat the general public to disregard the attribution to the Hon. Minister.