Project 841: A Dua-Pa Initiative set to promote the new BusinessUnsual for small businesses to keep thriving post COVID19

COVID19, a human tragedy has disrupted economies worldwide. Business owners have embraced innovation to stay flexible and have helped their communities to cope with the crisis.

These businesses themselves are also highly vulnerable and for those that may face dire prospects, who may need help, it has become imperative to enable that innovation and engineer new ways of working towards recovery and survival.

The idea of a collaboration, now more than ever, has become important for black owned businesses to lift each other, learn and grow together if we are to achieve economies that set us apart.

Effie Grant, founder of Dua-Pa, a charity focused to promote business and entrepreneurship set up Project 841, the platform to welcome this new BusinessUnusual idea. This was born out of discussion with her sister, Frances Adjei of Fnetia who was in Ghana to partake in the upcoming Accra Fashion Week but was cancelled due to the pandemic and was now left stranded as borders closed. With 7 other businesses, the collective worked together for a month during which concepts were developed for a finale photoshoot to showcase their strengths and works.

This launched on 13th June 2020. It wasn’t without its challenges, as everyone had previous various orders to complete for their clientele. Frances of FNetia, which provides colour and elegance with the ideal combination of quality beads to create exemplary pieces of jewellery, took a lead creative director role along with these businesses to bring life to Project 841.

David Opoku of A-Cöté Collections is one of Africa’s most successful manufacturers of high premium bespoke kaftans, shirts, and dresses.

Angela Adu-Awuah of Alegnaa Fashion House Ltd designs, develops, and markets quality unisex pieces using unique African and contemporary fabrics and offers free training to underprivileged girls.

Joyous Creations, a young up and coming artist whose pieces, mainly faces, geometry or butterflies are from the heart. Sarfoa Amoako of Sa4a designs, a generous and bold multi-award-winning accessories designer who has created her own empire. Roberta, nee Blankson of Twinkles Inc, was the extraordinary makeup artist who dolled up our models.

Mabel Simpson of mSimps, an accessory manufacturing company and creative enterprise producing dress brooches and handmade leather items like travel luggage. Michael Mensah of Oneside Pixel, a fine art photographer inspired by his surroundings shot the stunning scenes that showcased each business.

Project 841 was principled to spend little to no money and this was achieved. Covid19 sought to wreak havoc on livelihoods but we must draw from the knowledge and experience gained that we are truly better together. Effie Grant remarked “I’d like to say thank you to the team for taking the plunge.

Special gratitude to Vivi and Teddy for being such gracious hands on hosts, our models from the Ghana swimming association, Ghana medical school and Starbites for their contributions in making Project 841 a success.

I hope the team will continue to call on each other and I look forward to the next project”

Please visit their Facebook and Instagram pages and websites to make your purchases with off until 12th July 2020.

Thank you.
Effie Grant
Founder, Dua-Pa for Project 841