Prof. Yaw Gyampo writes: Politicians in Ghana do not mean well for Ghanaians

“you get your own children enrolled in the Public Service immediately after winning an election and tell all other unemployed Ghanaians that the Public Service is bloated and cannot absorb them. Indeed if you have your way, you would retrench some public servants.

Really? What was your response to the past government’s public sector recruitment freeze when you were in opposition?

I won’t condemn you because I knew you were either lying to get power or u never knew what you were talking about when you were in opposition.

My happiness is that the very gullible people who failed to reason with me when I argued that politicians in Africa and for that matter, Ghana, do not mean well for the ordinary citizenry, are now beginning to know about the politics of deceit. Indeed, your own supporters have taken serious issues with your recent comment on employment in the Public Sector.

You may be right in telling Ghanaians about the over-bloated nature of our Public Sector and the fact that it may not be able to absorb more people.

But didn’t you know this as an astute professional when you were in opposition? Why did you criticize the same thing you are now doing?

Politicians in Ghana would lie and deceive to get political power and when power is granted by the people, they would use this same power to inflict hardships on the people.

What did you tell the nurses when you were in opposition? What is happening to them now?
Admittedly, the austerity policies introduced to reduce their intake and not to bond them after school, may be the way to go. But what was your attitude about the condition of Ghanaians trainee nurses when you were in opposition?

Politicians in Ghana do not mean well. They are greedy. They are self seeking, self serving, self perpetuating and self aggrandizing cabals.

They would continue to take us for a ride because they know we are overly partisan. They know that we always wear partisan lenses that blindfolds us in looking at issues objectively. They know that we will still support them even if they lie to us. They know that we will still support them even if they steal from us. They know that we will still support them even if they come for our wives. They know that we will still support them even if they callously inflict hardships on us.

Fellow Ghanaians and my friends, blind support to political parties only promote the interests of political elites, their children and cronies. it is in our own interest to rise above the kind of excessive partisanship that breeds political madness, undermines our own sovereignty as the real owners of power and makes us gullible and manipulable tools in the hands of selfish politicians.

Until we all rise to critique and keep governments on their toes at all times, politicians would continue to make irrational promises just to get our votes and once they get our votes, they would mis-govern to undermine our quest for national development and improvement in our physical quality of life.

I know that those who are still “politically mad” would tag me as NDC just because of this post. But it’s fine because I can understand their sad condition that would not allow them to appreciate the fact that I also critiqued the NDC when it was in power.

Mine is to scrutinize those in power!” – PROF. YAW GYAMPO