Press statement: MWOW condemns on going slave trade and racism in Libya

We the members of Modern Women of Wisdom International are not only raising the awareness of the presence of slave trade activities in Libya; we vehemently condemn the preposterous exhibition of racism and atrocious display of slave trade in Libya.

As a humanitarian organization aimed at saving lives and preserving human dignity, we found this heinous crime morally undignified and humanely unjustifiable.

Just when we thought the horror which once existed at the idea of a slave master armed with a dagger, whips, cutlass and guns inflicting pains on slaves was over because slave trade was abolished in 1883, we recently woke up to find human beings bundled and being shipped into foreign countries at a cost of 300 pounds/400 dollars per head in Libya.

As a compassionate NGO, we found the animosity exercised by the captors towards the captives very horrible and we feel the moral imperative to speak out against this barbarism.

Truth be told, no state in the 21st Century prospers by thriving on slave trade. Slave trade belongs to the Stone age. There are now better and more efficient strategies like free trade and free labour that boosts the economy of nations

As a matter of urgency, we seek the emancipation of all the captives and clearly, the AU has a role to play in areas such as ensuring the release of the victims and punishing the perpetrators.

The AU’s commitment to the respect of fundamental human rights must be enshrined and enforced in its treaty.

Again, we humbly call upon the International Community to step up their discussions and rescue strategies as a matter of urgency before the worst happens.

We can’t afford to look unconcerned as Africans because the by- standing effect will either make others feel threatened or encourage others to embark on similar activities.

It is our fervent hope and desire that the International community responds rapidly by rushing to the rescue of all the black captives in Libya.

Long Live Africa

Long Live Humanity

Long Live MWOW


Mariama Conteh(Sierra Leone)

Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarko- (Ghana)

Ivy Mvula- (Zimbabwe)

Cerinah Nalwoga- ( Uganda)

Refiloe Tsotetsi- ( South Africa)