Political Profile of Sulemana Alhassan-NPP National Nasara Coordinator Hopeful

NASARA is the Zongo Wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which roles primarily includes mobilization of members of the Zongo Communities, bringing developmental projects/programmes as well as providing security to the Zongo Communities. As the Party goes to congress in 2018 to elect its National Executives to lead the Party 2020 elections, crucial position that the Party should look at is National Nasara Coordinator. This position is seen politically as an agent of change and therefore, requires an effective and efficient “Game Changer” the holds and reflects the aspiration and hope of the Zongo folds. Indeed, the person should be able to add political value to the NPP brand that will also attract non-Zongo voters.

The next National Nasara Coordinator should be well-connected in the Zongo communities, very influential with excellent communication skills to espouse government/party policies/programmes to Zongo folks and the entire citizenry. He should be a person with proven track records and politically connected to lobby for the Zongo communities. The Nasara Coordinator should be a “born, live and die” Zongo man who truly understands and appreciate the concerns of the Zongos. He should a Zongo Politician who is well known across the length and breadth of the country and cut across political, religious and tribal divides and can attract significant votes to the Party to consolidate our victory in 2020.

Sulemana Alhassan is one person many political pundits and opinion leaders including Imams and Chiefs of the Zongo Communities consider more suitable to become the next National Nasara Coordinator of the NPP Party. He is a strategic and result-oriented person with an excellent leadership skills. He is a unifier, affable and well connected with the Zongos. He has a strong political and business/corporate network. These skills, competences and experiences are what the next National Nasara Coordinator should possess to lead Zongos of the Party’s in winning election 2020 and beyond.

Political profile of Sulemana Alhassan
As a nephew to the Fulani Chief of Kumasi, Sulemana Alhassan has been an active member of the NPP who has spent all his political life/career serving the Nasara Wing of the New Patriotic party. He has also held many Executive positions especially within the Nasara Wing of the Party since 2000. He was the Deputy Ashanti Nasara Youth Organizer [2004-2008], member of Ashanti Region/Asawasi Constituency Nasara [2000-2008], Northern Region/Salaga Constituency Nasara [2008-2012] National Nasara Communication Team [2008-2012]. He has been a Special Aide to Hon. Boniface Saddique [2004-2016] and also, Operations Director for Dombo Advocacy. Sulemana Alhassan has been part of NPP campaigns since 2000 especially with Asawasi and Salaga Constituencies. During 2008 elections, he was part of the Team sent by then Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo [led by Hon. Boniface Saddique] to tour and campaign in all the Zongos across the country. In 2016, he campaigned vigously with Hon.Boniface to win massively the Madina seat. He also supported and campaigned with the CHAMPS and Dream Big Family- V16 groups to that ensured Greater Accra Region won massively in both Presidential and Parliamentary elections. In collaboration with the First Lady Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo, Sulemana Alhassan is currently part of a Training Team [Fifth Delight Foundation] training women and the youth across the country-a programme that has so far trained women and the youth in Greater Accra and the Northern Region. Sulemana Alhassan is competent, affable, firm and strategic and has huge political and corporate/business network that a Nasara Coordinator should possess as a leader.

By: Campaign Team