Please read to shame Dr Bawumia a little before you talk – Subin Comm Director & Subin Youth Organizer Hopeful

The NPP’s Sirh Bright Oppon-Nyarko of Subin tells the NDC’s Alex Akwasi Asafo-Agyei, you brought this illusion of ignorance hang over from Sammy Gyemfi concerning the National Digital Property Address System on Nhyira 104.5 Fm yesterday and he had to painstakingly school him on the difference yet he bowed to the propaganda trait that is always associated with the NDC party he alleged.

Please let everyone reading this post log on to the Google map app on his/her android phone, you will see that it can only give you a location, that cannot uniquely identify that place as your permanent digital address but the Ghana post GPS will give you a definitive address to your location that will be unique to you and your household like a house number is. The digital address goes like… GH-AK-554-452 which is uniquely interpretated as Ghana(GH) – Ashanti(A) – Kumasi (K) – Postal address number (554)-definitive location address (452)

Then another little minds argues that the government has bought an already free to use app from Asaase GPS, forgetting that it is their product and as such owns the patent right. Hence government cannot steal the work or cruelly commandeer it in a democratic dispensation like ours.

Besides,the Asaase GPS has the technical expertise now and is a Ghanaian IT company unlike the $74.2m SSNIT software fiasco, this digital address technology cost $2.5m only the youth organiser hopeful for Subin added.

Sirh Bright Oppon-Nyarko,
Subin Comm Director & Subin Youth Organizer Hopeful