Over 100 cases of coronavirus recorded in Africa

Fears has been increasing in Ghana over a potential outbreak of coronavirus considering the cases recorded in Africa especially Ghana’s neighbouring countries.
However, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) is allaying the fears of Ghanaians, saying the country is prepared to deal with a potential outbreak.

According to GHS, Ghana has increased preparedness activities and improving surveillance at all points of entry to prevent any suspected case of coronavirus (COVID-19) into the country.
Growing case in Africa, statistically over 100 cases of coronavirus have been recorded. The majority of the cases are in Egypt.
Ghana’s northern neighbour Burkina Faso on March 10, 2020, confirmed its first case of the virus.

According to Burkina Faso’s Health Minister, Prof. Claudine Lougué, a couple who recently returned from France has been detected with the disease.
The Minister said another person who was in close contact with the couple is being closely monitored and under confinement at home.

In Algeria, 20 persons have been infected with the virus while in South Africa, seven have been recorded. Tunisia has five cases while Senegal has four cases. Official figures indicate that there are three persons affected in Morroco, with one dying as a result.

Some African countries affected so far are:
Egypt – 55
Algeria – 20
South Africa – 7
Tunisia – 5
Senegal – 4
Morocco – 2
Cameroon – 2
Burkina Faso – 2
Nigeria – 2
Togo – 1
DR Congo – 1

In Ghana all suspected cases of coronavirus have tested negative, the Ministry of Health revealed last week.
Meanwhile, the GHS has urged the general public to stick to the following precautionary measures of:
Regularly wash hands with soap under running water or if possible use hand sanitizers regularly, practice common cough/sneezing etiquette such as covering of mouth with handkerchief or tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, if you have recently arrived from any of the countries that have reported a case.