Oti region: Declaration Of Intention To Contest The NPP Regional Chairmanship Position – Lawyer Stephen Benyaseh Alewabah

Let me begin by thanking God/ Allah for bringing us to this far. To Him be the glory! To all of us who through our efforts, directly or indirectly helped in making the dream of creating of *OTI* region a reality, I say Kudos! I also wish to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to all constituency chairpersons and their executives for their efforts, commitment and contribution towards the *OTI* agenda. Also, our polling station executives and all loyal and teeming party supporters can never be left out at this moment of me expressing my profound gratitude and appreciation to ALL. I say God bless us all.

*OTI* region is now here with us, the big question is, what is the way forward?

In fact and in deed, it is undisputable fact that, we ALL worked hard to have this region created. I also, strongly believe and hope unequivocally that we fought for the creation of this region for a just reason. I think, hope, and believe that we all supported and contributed in these diverse ways towards the creation, because we believe in the *essence* of the creation of this unique and important Region of ours.

In fact, this is the journey we are on today. It is obvious therefore that, our collective and individual goals, vision and aspirations can be realized and or achieved only if we make the right and positive decisions and or choices. This we can achieve by getting the right human resource to champion, facilitate and promote the collective vision, aspirations and ambitions of ours. In fact, having assessed myself critically, I think I have what it takes to make *OTI* get to where we collectively wants it to be. I therefore, at this juncture with all due respect and humility wish to declare to each and everyone (ALL) my intention to contest the *Oti Regional Chairmanship* positon.

What is my motivation? Simply, my motivation and ambition is to help realise the very goals, objectives, ideals and ambitions for which reason *OTI* is created. I sincerely and uttermosly hope to play the leading and/or championing role to make the people and NPP as a party in *OTI* achieve that which motivated and inspired them to fight for the delivery of the region. I send God’s greetings and blessings to each and everyone. May we All be blessed, fruitful, and prosperous by the good Lord/Allah as we ask for His guidance and directions at this crucial moment of ours.


Source: Kessbenfm.com/Johnawuniktv@gmail.com