Open letter to Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah – Denkyira Development Association

Our attention has been drawn to certain pronouncements made by the Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel , Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah ,

declaring that the people of Denkyira Obuasi have been cursed and that no youth will grow past 33 years following the unfortunate lynching of a young military officer, Major Adam Mahama some weeks ago.

It is very unfortunate that such a well respected church leader will make such pronoucements. Rather than call him names and respond in equal measure , we pray that he reflects soberly on the impact of his words as a church leader and whether these words are to heal or tear apart. The Bible in Proverbs 18 vs 21 admonishes that ” The tongue has the power of life and death”, and similarly James 3 vs 6 advises that The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body…”

Like Most Ghanaians we believe the Apostle General is ill-informed about Denkyira-Obuasi, one of the over 165 towns and 13 paramountcies making up the Denkyira Kingdom. The Denkyiras are peace loving people who have co-existed peacefully with other tribes and communities.
What happened on the morning of May 29th 2017 is an unfortunate incident which we at Denkyira Development Association ( DDA) have condemned publicly. The Denkyira Traditional Council which is currently headed by the Chief of Denkyira Obuasi has performed purification rights and declared the day a “dark day”. Just last week, the family of the Late Major Mahama visited the community. The traditional leaders and executives of the association received the family warmly.

Mob justice in Ghana is not a Denkyira issue; it is a greater national societal problem which must be uprooted as the canker it is. A day after the Major Mahama incident, an alleged witch,
67-year-old Madam Yenboka Kenna, a widow, was lynched at the Pelungu market; And 55-year-old Kofi Amoako Sensen was lynched at a drinking spot at Fetteh Kakraba in the Gomoa East district for allegedly stealing GH¢1.50 pesewas.

Pastor Mensah Otabil, also a respected church leader summed it up better when he said that what happened to Major Mahama is something we do every day. Years ago, several Ghanaians were lynched on suspicion of getting people’s organs to vanish. Several lives were lost needlessly.

As an Association, we have embarked on a national campaign against mob justice. We are committed to ensuring that the majors death becomes the marker for when we collectively as a people; Denkyira, Asante, Ga Assin, Fanti, Ewe, Gonja, Frafra, Akyem, Dagomba, Nzema etc said enough is enough.

We pray that the Apostle General will join us on this journey of education. Just maybe he can use his medium and far reaching platform to preach against mob justice – a national canker, and find ways to be part of the healing process for the family of the deceased Major and the community: both of whom have been traumatised by the actions of a few.

Thank you

*(Denkyira Development Association)*