October heavy rains are very normal – The Weather Man

Dr. Steve Nyarkotey Quao, popularly known as the “weather man” today, on Kessben Fm’s Maakye morning show ended the speculations of most Ghanaians having the view that the current heavy October rains is definitely out of the norm.

According to the Professor we have the major rainy season at the northern  part of Ghana whereas the South,right from the Bono East, Ashanti, Ahafo Regions stretching over to the coastal areas experience both the major and minor rainy season.

Moreover,according to the award winning meteorologist,he had on various mediums explained the topic concerning the heavy rainfalls at this time of the year for the past few months.He emphasized that,it was rather abnormal for Ghana not experiencing this heavy falls last year as compared to this year.

He explained further that,the major rainy season usually begins from March to June,July and the minor  from September to October and in most times stretching over to November.And in this case, it is the Minor rainy season that the Southern part of Ghana is experiencing now.He said”the peak of the minor rainy season is the month of October but the intensity and the frequency of the rains is likely to reduce in the month of November”.

Answering whether as to expect the rains in December as well,he said “we can testify that it sometimes rain in December.examples are when we experienced major rainy seasons in the year 2000 but rather experienced minor rainy season in the year 2004 where it rained without ceasing,breaking only for a week.”

He advised that Ghanaians should put in place the rightful measures so as to avoid any tragedies.