NPP China Branch : Stop Politicising Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

The New Patriotic Party, China Branch is by this Press Release cautioning the Minority in Ghana’s Parliament to desist from its tendency of subjecting the precarious and contagious Coronavirus epidemic which is a serious national issue into petty partisan politics. This caution is against the baseless and needless ultimatum that Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa has given to the Government of Ghana to evacuate Ghanaian students studying in China. The propagandist trajectory of Hon. Ablakwa and the minority is an indication of their diabolic and quest to create anxiety and fear in the Ghanaian public and parents whose wards are in China.
The call to put the Minority, NDC and Hon. Ablakwa to order is against the grounds of their misunderstanding and their desire to create cheap political points out of this global health crisis and epidemic.
The 72 hour ultimatum given to Government is a gross insolence and a sheer display of the poor understanding of the happenings and the works by the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Ghanaian Mission by Hon. Ablakwa and the NDC. Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in China, The Ghanaian Mission and the Ambassador through the Foreign Affairs Ministry have been proactive and on top of the situation. The provision of surgical mask and sanitizers, the disbursement and the resourcing of Ghanaian students is evident of the commitment of the Government and the Ghanaian Mission.
To suggest an evacuation of Ghanaian students in China from the epidemic zone by Hon. Ablakwa and comparing it to the evacuation of Ghanaian nationals from Libya during the fall of the Qaddafi’s regime exposes the naivety of Hon. Ablakwa. This is based on the technical and health implications of the suggested move. The spread of the virus across China is evident that the plausible means as it stands now is to restrict movement of people. This is to avert human to human transmission. It is against the background of averting further spread that the Chinese Government has shut down the city of Wuhan and mostother cities in China. The fact remains that all areas in China are now classified as infested areas and citizens and foreigners are quarantined when where there are suspected cases .As of today, the total number of confirmed cases stand at 59901 and death toll sums up to 1368.This is the situation at hand. !!The evacuation ,though may be an option but must be done carefully to protect the evacuees and the Ghanaian public.Also,basic medical equipment like infrared thermometers that records temperature at wider ranges without contact with persons must all be available to safely protect the public.
It is instructive to note,that some selected hospitals here in china are using robots to serve medications and food to infected patients therefore to suggest to government to enter into an epicenter to evacuate Ghanaian students who are under monitoring and support to Ghana without considering other factors is a cheap political talk only meant to for praise singing.
Despite the shutdown of Wuhan and other cities in China, the Ghanaian mission under the able leadership of the Ambassador His Excellency Edward Boateng has provided offer of free surgical mask, food and stipend to strengthen our students. The initial donation and disbursement of 50,000 Yuan from the Ghana Foreign Affairs coupled with the current disbursement of 250,000 USD by the government of Ghana is significant in strengthening the needs of the Ghanaians in China.
Through strict policy of the Chinese Government and Universities in China, under the monitoring of the Ghana Foreign Mission, by the grace of God, our students are safe.
The general public must reject the false publication and distortions. This is against the background of the practical support from the Ghanaian Ambassador.
Given the situation and a careful calculations, evacuation will be injurious to the safety of the Ghanaian students. The transmission rate keeps soaring and the best options available is for all Ghanaians and the students to observe all health and safety measures. The public are implored to discredit the propagandist stance of the NDC and keep trust with the Government of Ghana under the leadership of His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo.