NPP Canada’s Toronto Chapter Applauds President Akufo-Addo’s Government

At its most recent monthly meeting, which regularly occurs on the fourth Sunday of every month, on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017, it became apparent the overwhelming desire of members assembled to commend the Akuffo-Addo government on their bold progressive initiatives to transform Ghana.

Accordingly, the largest NPP Canada Chapter, which covers the entire Greater Toronto area, applauds the government, which in just ten months in power, has shown so much positive audacity and signs of being the greatest government ever in our nation.

Member after member of the Chapter who showed up at the vibrant meeting, expressed enthusiasm about the government’s successful implementation of many laudable initiatives, including the National Identification and Digital Address systems to identify everyone and buildings in the country, to pave the way for formalizing the economy.

Other initiatives drawing praise included the renewed focus on agriculture, and industrialisation.

Members also noted the clear reduction in corruption through the President’s abhorrence for that practice as well as real steps taken, like the paperless clearance at the ports and a ramping up of cyber security efforts.

These reductions in corruption and improvements in security, have paved the way for major redirection of the country’s resources into overdue initiatives like the recapitalization of NHIA, Free SHS and 1 Constituency $1 Million Program.

The Chapter Members therefore called upon Ghanaians to rally behind the government, to implement and entrench numerous progressive projects to transform the country and set it on a path to become an advanced country as quickly possible.

The Chapter Members called upon Ghanaians not to be deterred by a few implementation hiccups which may occur during system rollouts but rather offer constructive ideas on fine-tuning the systems.

The Chapter Members called upon discerning Ghanaians to see beyond today’s implementation problems to a much brighter future whereby these systems allow us to advance our economy very fast.

The Chapter Members assembled also called for global collaboration amongst progressive minds in Ghana and in the Diaspora to offer ideas and skills to augment the government’s bold efforts.

The NPP Toronto Chapter Members also proposed the following advice to help the Nana Akuffo-Addo led government to be even more successful in its transformative agenda;

1. PAY ATTENTION. Our traditional wisdom has long advised that life is all about where you pay your attention. The government must be listening one. Constructive criticisms from citizens, who have been asked by the President to not be spectators, must be taken into account, for optimal decision-making. It will be dangerous for government to not be in tune with the masses.

2. BE RADICALLY RESPONSIVE. Government appointees must be humble, honest, and respond to issues of public concerns promptly, to minimize mongering against government. When errors are made, apologies and accountability must follow quickly.

3. REMEMBER THE LITTLE ONES. The Nana Akuffo-Addo government must be a caring one, addressing the needs of the poor and average Ghanaians. The government should continue to be biased towards pro-poor and pro-average-Ghanaian policies.

4. UNDER-PROMISE AND OVER-DELIVER The government is on pace to deliver ALL of the NPP 2016 campaign manifesto promises. We ask for a continuance of this remarkable ability to deliver on promises.

5. BE GRATEFUL, RESPECTFUL AND HUMBLE. We all know Ghanaians are discerning and will reward hardwork and great performance in government. Much of the rest of the equation lies with officials in positions of authority. They need to exhibit humility, gratitude and respect in the discharge of their duties, to maintain the affection of the masses they serve. They must not be allowed to lose focus on service to the people.

We the Members of NPP Toronto Capter believe that, the government will remain a listening yet audacious one, which resuscitate Ghana and then advance exponentially. We believe in the capable and visionary stewardship of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces and President of the Republic, to steer the nation to new heights.

Our doors as the premier Chapter of NPP-Canada is wide open to all those in the GTA who wish to find an effective vehicle to help the government steer Ghana to enviable heights.

Email your questions or info to to set the ball rolling.

God bless Ghana.
God bless NPP.
Thank you.

Communications Committee, NPP Toronto, A Chapter of NPP Canada Branch.