NPP Ablekuma North Aspiring Chairman Applauds Deputy Minister For Education

Fellow countrymen, with all due respect and courtesy, we would like to crave your indulgences and make a solemn assertion that…It was in the era of our forefathers where kitchen was seen as the only place that the females could only excel but now the rhythm of the ancient tune has drastically changed and so has the dance. Females have now become the bedrocks and pullers, and play indispensable roles in nations building and development. This however brings into reality, the popular assertion made by one of the finest scholars of Ghana and Africa as a whole (Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey) thus, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a Nation”. One notable and illustrious gem of our time who has lived this prophesy and needs to be seriously commended is Hon. Mrs Barbara Ayisi, the Deputy Education Minister and a member of Parliament for Cape Coast. Her resilience, passion to serve and love for her constituents caught the eye of the President of the republic and her efforts was rewarded with her appointment as the Deputy Education Minister in charge of Primary Schools and JHS. Her indefatigability and commitment to selfless duty, coupled with that of her colleague Ministers amongst others gave substance to the implementation of the Free Senior High School Policy.
On the 5th October, 2017, Honourable Mrs Barbara Ayisi represented and graced the Best Teachers’ Awards ceremony in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.
As part of moves to fulfil a promise made by Honourable Kofi Antwi (Barima Ba), the the incoming chairman for ABLEKUMA North during the New Patriotic Party’s Annual Delegate Conference in Cape Coast this year that, his team will identify and applaud any minister, MMDCEs and Directors, amongst others who will perform creditably and will not sit down unconcerned for any Government appointee to perform abysmally and bring disdain to the hard works and life changing initiatives this Government is undertaking.
It is however in this light that the outfit of Hon. Antwi Kofi (Barima Ba) is commending Hon. Mrs Barbara Ayisi for her exceptional and wonderful works she is doing in the Education Ministry.
We further call on all Government entourage to emulate high standards of dedication and commitment to duty and their efforts would be highly commended and honoured by the powers that be.
To Hon. Barbara Ayisi we say AYEKOO. GHANA MA WO MO NE ADWUMA PA.