I am not religious – Wereko-Brobbey reveals

Dr Charles Wereko Brobbey, popularly known as Tarzan, has revealed that he is not particularly religious in the strictest sense of the word, saying the structures of organised religions are too rigid.

Tarzan was interviewed on Starr Chat Wednesday by Bola Ray and passed his comments on the show.

According to him, he was raised religious, in the Catholic Church, but has since left the church since he’s not comfortable with the church feeling they are the only way to God.

“You can serve God in many ways. We were hoodwinked into believing that ‘Nyankopon’ was some alien being. In fact, as a Catholic, you were made to believe there was only one Christian path to God. If you were not a Catholic you were not considered.” he told Bola.

“My point of departure was when I asked the priest ‘so what happens to my grandmother who didn’t know any Christianity before the white man came. Do they also go to hell? And he said yes. I said I don’t think I want to be part of this”.

Wereko-Brobbey also said he was an altar boy for ten years, but that he only did that because he wanted to get some wine – and that was the only way he could have access to it back then.

He added: “I am comfortable with people having faith but I do not want to subscribe to any faith because at the end of the day it’s all about the triumph of good over evil”.