Nana B Leads in Next NPP Youth Organizer Contest – Research

The race as to who takes over as the next National Youth Organiser in the next National Executives Elections which is likely to take place mid 2018 keeps getting hotter and more competitive, STRATEGIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION (SRF) has revealed.

SRF research proved that the National Youth Organiser Contest is likely to be the hottest among the 2018 National Executive election contests.

The euphoria mixed with tension within the NPP fratenity as to who is likely to take over from the celebrated Sammi Awuku drew us to conduct a research to check who is likely to take up this position if the election was to be organised around this period.

SRF team would similarly and periodically conduct research into other contests of National interest.

Below is a summary of our whole research.

This research took us about four (4) weeks to conclude. It was started on 14th July 2017 and ended on the 16th August 2017.

Before this research, we did a survey to check the likely contestants for this position, and our results came up with three (3) names, namely Kamal-Deen Abdulai, Henry Nana Boakye(Nana B) and Dominic Eduah.

*1.Brief Information About Each Of The Likely Contestants*

*A. Dominic Eduah*
His nickname is The Field Marshal. He is from Ajumako in the Central Region but lived most of life at Takoradi in the Western Region. He is a product of Bekwai SDA Senior High School (SHS) and Takoradi Technical University. He is a former Tescon President, former Western Regional Tescon Coordinator and a current Deputy Youth Organiser. He is a Christian.


*B. Henry Nana Boakye(Nana B)*
His nickname is Nana B. He is from sekyere in Ashanti Region, a product of Prempeh College, UMAT and KNUST. He was the director of programmes and Events for NPP’S National Youth Wing and former Tescon President during his days at UMAT and KNUST. He is a member of the National Communication Team. He will be called to the BAR soon. He is a Christian.

Nana B
*C. Kamal-Deen Abdulai*
He is from Nanton in the Savelugu-Nanton District near Tamale in the Northern Region. He is a product of Bolgatanga SHS. He lived most of his life in Bolgatanga and Accra in the Upper East and Greater Accra Regions respectively. He is a Muslim. He is currently the National Nasara Coordinator.

Kamal Deen
We used primary data for our analysis.
Our research covered all the 275 constituencies in Ghana with our team making sure that at least a questionnaire of ours was answered by a member of a selected category in each of the constituencies.

With respect to the current constitution of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), since the delegates for the National Youth Organiser position are the Tescon Presidents of the respective Tertiary Institutions, Members of Parliament (MP) below forty (40) years and the Constituency youth organizers and thier deputies, Regional Youth Organisers and thier deputies.

The category for the sample of this research included the above named categories and also generally the Youth (people below 40 years) who are either Tescon Executives or Incumbent and Aspiring Constituency Youth Organisers or Card bearing members of NPP or Members of Parliament (MP) or former Parliamentary Candidates/Aspirants living in each of the respective constituencies.

In all, we used 1,100 questionnaires for the research, but we were only able to get 1,034 representing 94% back as fully answered for our analysis.
Questionnaires were administered through handing questionnaires directly to members of our selected category, and other times, members of such category were called on phone to answer the questionnaires.

Some of the difficulties we faced during the research were;
i. Some of the constituencies were difficult to get access to.
ii. Some of the people we interviewed found it difficult to answer the questionnaires themselves.
iii. Due to the bad Telecommunication network in some of the constituencies, interviews which were done through phone calls were difficult in such constituencies.
iv. Some were unwilling to answer the questionnaires due to fear.
v. Some would only answer if they were paid first.

In a breakdown, below is the average number of questionnaires each constituency in the respective regions returned to us answered.

i. Ashanti= A/R (47 constituencies)= 3 each
Total= 141 Answered

ii. Brong Ahafo= B/A (29 constituencies)= 3 each
Total= 87 Answered

iii. Eastern= E/R (33 constituencies)= 3 each
Total= 99 Answered

iv. Central=C/R (23 constituencies)= 4 each
Total= 92 Answered

v. Western= W/R (26 constituencies)= 3 for each
Total= 78 Answered

vi. Greater Accra= G/A (34 constituencies) = 4 each
Total= 136 Answered

vii. Volta= V/R (26 constituencies) = 4 each
Total= 104 Answered

viii. Northern = N/R (31 constituencies) = 3 each
Total= 93 Answered

ix. Upper East= U/E (15 constituencies) = 6 each
Total= 105 Answered

x. Upper West= U/W (11 constituencies) = 9 each
Total= 99 Answered

After the analysis with the data we obtain after distributing out our questionnaires to our category of youth in the respective constituencies, below are our results.

*I. Results*
So out of the 1034 responses Kamal A. Deen obtained 153 Nana Boakye (Nana B) obtained 528 and Dominic Eduah had 353.

*ii. Regional Results Of Each Of The Aspirants in terms of Percentages*

Name Kamal Nana B Dominic
A/R 8.36% 76.23% 15.41%
B/A 28.09% 40.58 31.33%
E/R 18.28% 51.70% 30.02%
C/R 16.87% 28.74% 54.39%
W/R 11.88% 41.49%. 46.63%
G/A 24.05% 44.81% 31.14%
V/R 20.58% 50.84% 28.58%
N/R 41.0% 45.98% 13.02%
U/E 51.13% 28.35% 20.52%
U/W 50.10% 19.33% 30.57%

*iii National Results Of Each Of The Aspirants in terms of Percentages*

Name Kamal Nana B Dominic
Value 14.803% 51.040% 34.157%

From the above results, we concluded that Henry Nana Boakye(Nana B) is most likely to emerge as the next National Youth organizer of NPP

SRF also realised that the results we obtained has the ability to remain the same or get totally changed for either good or bad for any of these likely Aspirants based on how well they work around their weaknesses and strengths including other political dynamics.