Management of Green Drinks Ghana officially unveil ‘Green Cola’

Green Drinks Ghana started its working operation two years ago with the interest of helping people who are conscious of their sugar intake to be able to enjoy a chilled cola drink without having to deal with any health problems afterwards.

‘Green Cola’is a coke with no sugar, no preservatives or any artificial sweetener.It is sweetened by extracts from the stevia plant which is very common in Ghana.

‘Green Cola’ ,its an established brand in Europe with the mother company in Greece.Green Drinks Ghana however is the first company in the whole of Africa to partner ‘Green cola’.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, General manager of Green Drinks Ghana, George Green who hails from Greece explained the motivation behind producing ‘Green Cola’:

“We all know in Ghana and around the world how harmful sugar and preservatives can be to our health, but although we know this, we still crave for it…we sometimes wish we had a healthier alternative but because we want to satisfy our craving, we still go in for cola drinks..So I said to myself, why not give people something that will quench their thirst but not pose any hazard to their health hence the introduction of ‘Green Cola’ into the Ghanaian society”.