Makola Women Donate to NPP Women’s Wing

A group of market women at makola market have expressed their readiness to help the New patriotic Party women’s wing to succeed.

According the group, their commitment to the welfare of the NPP is undiluted since they believe the NPP is the best political party to salvage Ghana.

They have therefore given a donation of GHC2000 to to the newly elected national women’s organiser of the party Kate Gyamfua to help the women’s wing and have also promised her of their continuous support.

Meawhile, Madam Kate Gyamfua, the national women’s organiser of the ruling New Patriotic party has urged appointees in the Akufo-Addo led government to support the party to be strengthened. According Kate, the party cannot struggle to campaign with limited or no resources in 2020 like what happened in 2016 when the party is now in power.

She stated that the party has come a long way and must do everything possible to maintain the power it is enjoying now since the NPP is the best political party to develop Ghana.

She pleaded that facilities that help the various women groups such as small loans, school feeding programs etc must be made available to be used to lure more women into the fold of the party.

Madam Kate Gyamfua was speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony following her successful election as the national women’s organizer of the NPP.

She urged the women to remain steadfast and continue to believe in the NPP government.

Otiko Afisa Djaba, Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection assured Kate of her continuous support to the women’s wing. She expressed happiness about Kate Gyamfua’s victory saying it balances the equation. “When I were the National Women’s Organiser, Kate and Tina(Mensah) were my deputies. Today I am a minister, Tina is also a deputy minister(of health), now that Kate is also the National Women’s Organiser, the equation is balanced. I am extremely happy for her victory” she said.

On her part, Minister for Communication, Ursula Owusu Ekuful said with the massive endorsement of Kate at the congress, it presupposes that all the women in the party are solidly united behind her and she(Ursula) believes it is a good omen for party cohesion. She said she is extremely confident in Kate that she will build and maintain a vibrant women’s wing. “For Kate, we know her. She knows how to do it. She is a ‘show woman’. Kate will build and maintain a vibrant women’s wing” she said.

The general secretary of the party John Boadu assured Kate Gyamfua of the support of the party to the women’s wing. HE said he believes that with Kate as the National Women’s Organiser, the days where the women took charge of the party for the men to follow is back. “I know with Kate those days are back. The days in the Rawlings era where the women took charge of the party, threatened naked demonstration and fought Rawlings is back. The days when we the men had to follow and cheer them on is back with Kate as the national women’s organizer. I believe strongly that our women will win us the 2020 elections.” John Boadu said.