Linda Adadevoh Vows to Win Lower Manya Krobo Seat for the NPP….!!!

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh, has sworn to lead the NPP in the Lower Manya Krobo constituency to wrestle the seat from the opposition NDC who has occupied the seat since it was created in 1996. She made this known after filing her nomination to contest the NPP primaries.

The 2013 ‘YOKAMA’, Development Queen for the Krobo Land, has been a major financier of the party in the constituency over the years. And has promised to support the party in a better fashion if elected as the next parliamentary candidate of the NPP in the constituency. She stressed that she was the best person to lead the party at this material moment because humility, accessibility, loyalty, long service, industriousness and above all competence will be key going forward.

The development-oriented woman was accompanied by hundreds of delegates to the party office amidst drumming, dancing and funfair in the company of hundreds of delegates and party supporters.

Addressing the delegates and party supporters after successfully filing her nomination, Mrs. Linda Adadevoh noted, “One person cannot do this work alone. We need to collectively join forces to win this seat for the first time. We need to unite our ranks and grapple power from the NDC who has nothing to show after several years of holding the seat. Poverty Reduction, Creating Job opportunities, Empowering the Youth and Women, Education, Education & Education for my constituents will be my main obsession as Member of Parliament if given the nod”.

She further stated that, “I am convinced our delegates will reward my hard work, commitment, sacrifice, patriotism, selflessness and loyalty over the years. This primary is just an internal contest; our main aim is to beat the NDC in the 2020 general elections. I have had the opportunity to address societal issues in diverse ways throughout my life experience; and until now, I have always done things from behind. But it’s now time to lead the way. I will make sure we banish the NDC completely in this constituency if you give me the nod”, the humble Mrs. Linda pleaded.

One (1) other candidate who was also in the race to contest for the primaries, has now withdrawn from the contest; and thrown his support for Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh.

About Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh
Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh (YOKAMA 2013) was born on 11th March, 1966 to Mr. Sas George (President, Ghana Stock Exchange) and Mrs. Vida Osei. She is from Manya Kpongunor Krobo. Linda, is a very devoted Christian (Catholic); and married to Mr. Henry Adadevoh with two kids (Carlo and Persus). She is a well-educated transformational leader and a proud daughter of the Krobo Land. Mrs. Adadevoh is an industrious, selfless and a highly motivated woman of substance on the agenda to “set out to do the impossible” by way of effecting change through education, communal organisation and social philanthropy.

Mrs. Linda Adadevoh holds a Master of Philosophy (MPIL) – Governance and Leadership from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA); she also holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B) degree from the University of London. She did her 1st degree in Business Administration at the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM – London); and an HND (Stenographic Secretary) from the Accra Technical University. She completed her G.C.E ‘O” Level at Arch Bishop Porter Girls in Takoradi.

For the past several years, Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh has worked in lead Entrepreneurial and Social Work roles in industry and politics. And have a track record of maintaining a consistent result and always wants to be at the top. She is currently the Founder and Proprietress of Stanward School(s), Accra and Agormanya – Krobo. She is also the President of the Greater Accra Day Care Centres (GACA) for the past 12 years. And as well as the Chairperson of the Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) (Zone 6A). She was also the Vice President of the Christian Mothers Association of Ghana (St. Theresa Parish Kaneshie).

Some of her achievements include building a school (Stanward School) in the constituency to help educate the constituents, drawing of water pipes for the Agormanya community, fixing of street lights right to the market square, construction of a bridge in the constituency, annual charity works for the less privileged in the constituency on every 25th December, providing of supply water tank for the CHIP compound at Dome, raising capital for the youth to help set up small businesses, training party officers in cassava processing, supporting the youth to acquire technical skills & funding their education, establishing a processing factory in the middle belt Obaapa, sponsored an empowerment/transformational program for all 144 Queen mothers of Lower Manya area, provided all the 708 delegates with a welfare insurance package, just to mention few.

In 2013, Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh was given an honorary title as Development Queen Mother of the Krobo Land by the Paramount Chief. She also founded the Yokama 2013 Marathon Race and the Yokama Football Club which has produced the likes of Thomas Teye Partey. She has been an influential advocate in the transformation of the Krobo Land and New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the constituency over the years. To her, the ultimate responsibility of every judicious leader is to serve and not to be served.

She is a strong and deep minded individual who embodies the saying that, “……IF YOU EDUCATE A WOMAN, YOU EDUCATE A NATION”, thus using her educational empowerment to empower other women and citizens of her community and country at large.

A very down to earth Christian woman who is kind, affable and a mother for all. A wise and a very good listener to the human plight hence a problem solver and a game changer. She is a unifier with natural human relation skills and a true charismatic leader.

Mrs. Linda Korkor Tsu Adadevoh recently supported party in the EC Limited Voter registration Exercise; and also sponsored Assembly members who are sympathetic to the NPP with cash during the last assembly elections. The New Patriotic Party and the the Lower Manya Krobo constituency has gained considerably from the dexterity of this affable industrious woman; and stands to even gain more and in a better fashion if she is given the mandate as Parliamentary Candidate (PC) and then as a Member of Parliament (MP)