Let’s Be Reminded by Prof Joshua Alabi’s Advice to The NDC – AIKINS Darlington Boafo (ADB)

Prof Joshua Alabi tried hard to convince delegates to vote for him, when he was speaking in their last presidential primaries. He pointed out to the electorates of the number of EC polling stations in tertiary institutions that the NDC won. According to the Prof, the NDC won only 3 out of the 72 (4%) polling stations in the tertiary institutions. He knew it right because he is the immediate Past Vice Chancellor of UPSA.
This shows clearly that the strength of NPP is massive and strong at the tertiary institutions. It simply means that these students at the tertiary institutions may have voted for NDC several times and many years when they were not in the tertiary.
The introduction of the Free Senior High Education has brought light to these students whose parents are branch chairman, secretaries and treasurers at the polling station level for the NDC. The children are defying their parents’ choice of party. These children have now seen the light at the tertiary institutions and now have known the difference between the NDC and NPP, hence they voting for NPP
The net effect of the development is that when the students leave the walls of tertiary, they will go down to educate their brothers and sisters to vote for the NPP party. The nation must be grateful for the President Nana Akufo Addo for making education free in this country. The Ghanaian students are enlightened now. They have now known the light.
Majority of students may not get to tertiary before they start voting for NPP and against the NDC. With the forgoing, it is not only going to be the number of polling stations at the tertiary level but greater numbers of polling stations across board for 2020.
I dare say, education enlightens. Again, it is only education that bridges the gap between a rich man’s son and that of a poor man. As Ghanaian youth, we are wide awake and are going to take our destiny into our own hands in 2020.
We will vote 4more 4Nana. Once we were in darkness for years but Nana Addo has brought light to us, courtesy education and the free version. We would vote 4more for Nana 2domore for God and country Ghana. Ghanaians we say ayekoo toaso. We encourage you to continue. Ghana needs you alive and your leadership style. Because of your decisiveness we have seen transformation in all sectors across the length and breadth of the country. You have been lifted by God and NO man can bring you down. Ayekoo, once again and we say 4more 2domore for Ghanaians. Toa adwuma pa noso Nana Addo. Continue doing the good work for Ghana. 4MORE 2DOMORE 4GHANA.

Below is the video of prof Joshua Alabi’s Advice