Kwabeng Residents Express Anger …Over the Burning of Kate Gyamfuah’s Mining Excavators

Residents of Kwabeng withing the Atiwa West Municipality, has expressed worry over the burning of the Excavators belonging to the National Women Organiser of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mrs. Kate Gyamfua, by the Military Task Force last week.
The described the action by the military as unlawful, adding that the excavators should have rather been seized instead of burning it into ashes.
They indicated that the Eaxtra Gold Company was operating legally and should therefore not be treated in such manner.
Speaking with the media during a tour to the mining site last Friday, Mrs. Kadija Ibrahim, hinted that the operations by the Extra Gold Company was in accordance with the minerals commission’s rules and regulations.
She disclosed the area has benefited from numerous developmental projects by the Extra Gold Company and should therefore be allowed to further their operations.
The presence of the Extra Gold Company has created job opportunities for many youth and family heads more than one would have expect.
Labaram Hussein, also added that they were living miserable lives until the arrival of the Extra Gold Mining Company in the area.
He declared on behalf of the teeming youth of the area readiness to battle the military personells if the company was not allowed to continue with their legal operations.
“Am calling on President Akufo Addo to as a matter of urgency ensure that officials of the Extra Gold Mining Compnay goes back their site to continue with their operations” he stated.
Mr. Hussein further underscore the need for the Government to ensure that the company was compensated of their Burnt equipments.
The Military Task Force last week through their operations burt excavators belonging to the Extra Gold Mining Company which the NPP National Women Organiser owns a share.

Credit:Alex Boye