Kumasi MMT brouhaha… Amoako Tuffour’s plans against President Exposed

The heightening tension and clashes at the Kumasi depot of the Metro Mass Transit as to who heads that office may not end anytime soon, as some party heavyweights and activists in the region are deliberately thwarting the efforts of the President in appointing head to the facility.

And for the fact that the President’s nominee is not the “political God son” of these party bigwigs, they are ready to go any length including causing mayhem, disregard laydown party structures, all in attempt to fight against the president’s decision of making Daniels Agyenim Boateng head of the depot.

Credible information including pictorial and audio recordings reveal how Dr. Amoako Tuffour, a council member of the ruling party in the region, in a meeting with four other heads of the depot led by one Banahene, plotting with them on how they can together prevent the duly-appointed manager from taking over.

In the audio recording, Dr. Amoako Tuffour is heard admitting “that I acknowledge the fact that the President, Regional Minister, and the Regional Chairman of the party, are in support of this Daniel guy and if we are to go soft it means my boy would have to bow out…and I’m not ready to yield.”

According to the audio, one of the schemes is to secretly introduce “his son” Nicholas Oduro, to management of the Kumasi depot by tomorrow, 22nd august, 2017, to work with the company for at least a month.
“Then after working with them for one month, you (MMT heads) will hold series of press conferences to put pressure on the President, Chairman Wontumi and the Regional minister that Nico is the one you prefer…we must do this until we succeed…” Dr. Tuffour said in the audio.

The recordings further disclosed the diabolic intend of the NPP stalwart against Mr. Agyenim Boateng and how he plans of using heavily-built men to beat up latter as the only option available to cow him into submission.

As if that was not enough, Dr. Amoako Tuffuor, in the tape also intends to use some NDC youth in the region to embark on series of demonstrations against Mr. Daniel Agyenim Boateng’s appointment.

Further advancing his devilish act, Dr. Amoako Tuffour was also heard on the tape giving out an amount of One Thousand Ghana cedis to those MMT heads who attended the meeting.

To Dr Amoako Tuffour, he will not sit down and allow President Akufo-Addo, Chief of Staff, Chairman Wontumi and the Regional Minister, to dictate for the party in the region, stressing that “this time the president has failed and I will continue to frustrate him should he insist on making that Daniel the head of the Kumasi depot.”

Dr. Tuffour who could not hide his hatred for Nana Addo for picking Madam Frema Opare over him for the position of Chief of Staff, in the audio stated he will not allow the president have his way “not now or later. He should enjoy his presidency and allow me do my stuffs.”

Also at the meeting was the Chief Executive Officer of MMT, Mr. Bennett, who was heard in the tape expressing his willingness to ensure that the bidding of Dr. Amoako Tuffour of seeking to forcibly push Nicholas Oduro into that position.

According to him, he will personally make sure Nicholas replaces Daniel in that position to help advanced the cause of the NPP stalwart.

Expressing appreciation on behalf of those heads present, one of them whose name was heard as Banahene, promised to work with Dr. Tuffour as they now understand what they stand to gain when they support the party man have his way. The meeting was held in Dr Amoako Tuffour house on Sunday 20/8/2017 @9pm