Kamal Deen Responds to “Fictitious Polls”

The campaign team for the New Patriotic Party’s National Nasara coordinator Mr. Kamal Deen-Abdulai has responded to what they describe as “fictitious polls by faceless people”.

The Daily Statesman Newspaper on 28th September, 2018 carried a story which went viral on social media and other traditional media platforms under the heading ‘Nana B leads NPP Youth Organizer Race with 51%’.

But in a sharp responds, a statement released by the communication team of the Kamal Deen campaign team said “Team KAMAL wishes to state that the youth of the NPP shall not be carried away by a “fictitious” polls carried out by some faceless people to soar up the sinking campaign of a candidate.”

The statement added that there has been a grand scheme by some people to hide behind polls to make one of the candidates of the NPP Youth Organiser race popular adding that “the youth of the NPP mindful of the task ahead of the party especially going into the 2020 general election will continue to listen to the messages channeled to their doorsteps by the various candidates, the persona of the next youth Organiser, his mobilization skills among several other reasons to choose their next youth ‘capo’ and not some ‘fictitious polls’ carried by some faceless people.”

The daily statesman reported that a supposed ‘polls’ purported to have been carried out by a group known as ‘Strategic Research Foundation (RSF)’ has Mr. Henry Nana Boakye(Nana B) leading the race by 51.04%, followed by Dominic Eduah the current National Deputy Youth Organiser who is following with 34.157% with Kamal Deen trailing with 14.803%.

But the campaign team of Kamal Deen who are obviously not enthused by the whole issue and in an attempt to discredit the polls asked that;

*Why are they hiding their identity? Why is the polls not signed by anybody?

*Can the group be bold for ones to let people know some of the people they used as their population sample for crosschecking and verification?

*Can the group make their questionnaire public for all of us to interrogate the types of questions on these questionnaire?

“It’s also worthy to note that, teamKamal was never contacted for the purpose of soliciting the background information of our noble candidate. So on what basis did the fictitious research team come by the background information of our candidate which does not even represent him enough for the purpose of this election?

Whiles we do not believe any kind of polls can change the chances of any of the candidates especially coming from the back of 2016 general polls where despite several similar fictitious polls, the real polls decided the winner in the election, we however call on groups that seek to mislead members of this great party, Ghanaians and the world at large to be ready to make themselves available to pass the credibility test, before they come to misinform people.” The statement said