Joyce Zempare remains the best option for NPP National Women Organiser Portfolio- Campaign Team

With barely a day to go for the New Patriotic Party’s National Delegates Conference in Cape Coast, Campaign Team of the aspiring National Executive portfolio have Chronicled who to consider as the next National Women Organiser to no other person than the current GreaterĀ  Accra Women Organiser of the Party Madam Joyce Zempare.

Below is a write up of her Campaign team eulogising her leadership credentials

Why Joyce Zempare remains as our best option available to NPP for the position of National women Organizer for victory 2020 and beyond???????

???She is indeed the backbone of grassroot mobilizations and has won the heart and minds of the people

???She has served the great elephant family from its birth to present day ,from the time where we had cells and rose through the ranks and file to become the greater Accra women organizer for 2 conservative times without any opposition

???She is the definition of motherhood and embrace all who come under her fold irrespective of who you are , what you do , tribal or ethnic affiliation, religious belief and your social standing

???Jayzee as she is affectionately called by her fellow Tesconites is the only candidate who has moved with current trends in our modern dynamic society and has won the teaming female youths hearts as we and has earned respect of the old as of our party.
Her branding has made her timeless and she metamorphize easily to suite any needs and situations

???She above is selfless, devoted,hardworking, people centred and her unblemished humility that has earned her the accolade ‘ahobreasi3 hemaa'(Queen of humility)
We need Yaa asantwaa of our time to lead us to the battlefield for victory 2020 and beyond and Jayzee is our hope

??? She has always whole heatedly served the party and leaves a hallmark in all she does .Her fidelity to NPP is unquestionable and will raise high her values of truth ,loyalty,hardwork and honesty

???I recommend Madam Joyce Zempare as the best choice without regret for the position of National women Organizer for our party and ask my fellow delegates who want resounding victory to look no further than Jayzee

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