Inject a Sense of Urgency into the Reorganisation of the NDC – Wonder MADILO to National Executives

Aspiring National Youth Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Wonder Madilo is seeking for answers from his party’s leadership about it’s reorganization drive and the way forward for elections 2020.

This was contained in press statement issued by the Youth Activist cum aspirant and below is the full statement:

In October this year, the NDC announced a comprehensive time table for the purpose of reorganizing the party towards the 2020 general elections. Among other things, the time table covered Branch, Constituency, Regional and National Officers elections beginning from November 2017 to August 2018.

The first item on the time table was *Registration of Members at the Branch* – an activity that was scheduled for November and December, 2017. It is however sad to note that with November already expired and December in sight, the process of registering members of the party is yet to commence. This only means that the entire time table is already behind schedule by a month and a couple of days!

What makes this situation worse is that members of the party at the branch levels, who were fired up for this exercise, cannot get answers to the reasons for such a delay. Will the time table be extended or will the party rush through with the registration process and finish a two months exercise in one month?

The process of putting together a new register, comes with its own peculiar challenges and one would have thought that the time table will be meticulously followed. The problem here is that, the process is not slow because the party wants to hasten slowly in getting it right this time – the problem is that the process has not even started at all!

Bearing in mind that we will be approaching the 2020 elections as a party in opposition, it is imperative that we stick to our own timelines in order to ensure that we have enough time to undertake the enormous task ahead of us.

This delay in starting the registration, does not give the NDC any advantage whatsoever within the political calendar. It only draws the party back and this is not good enough, if we want results that are different from what we obtained in 2016!

Members of the party have their sleeves rolled up, waiting to get involved in the reorganization process and the least National Officers can do at this point, is to inspire hope and confidence among our people by starting the registration in earnest and cutting out any further undue delay.

I wish to call on National Officers of the party and all those involved and clothed with the responsibility of ensuring that the registration begins, to embrace a renewed and heightened sense of urgency in following the time table in order to ensure that the process of reorganization for the party is started properly.

The grassroot members of the party are ready for this exercise; what is left is action from our leaders! We may not be able to rewind the clock and gain the time wasted, but leadership can do better moving forward!

NDC – “Eye Zu, Eye Za!”

[Former Student Leader and NDC Youth Activist]
0244 764 612
Monday, 4th December, 2017