“I’m a soldier and not a thief”- Mahama’s last words

The driver in whose tipper truck the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama boarded whilst he was being pursued by his killers has turned out to be his kinsman (Sisaal) but resident in the community of Denkyira-Boase in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central region.

Born Abu Anjinchie, told Tumu-based Radford FM on Wednesday morning that “whilst I was approaching a speed ramp with my tipper truck loaded with sand that day, I saw a man on the wing of the road who begged me to stop and help him. I did, and he said the people are accusing him of being a thief”.

According to him then Captain Maxwell Mahama in his own words said “I am a soldier and not a thief, beg them not to kill me”

He revealed that residents started pelting stones at the vehicle so in his bid to save the life of the young man who had been accused of being a robber on seeing the “blood thirsty” residents he hurriedly opened the passengers’ door of the vehicle.
“Others were throwing stones at me whilst a few of them were wielding guns, he then run as fast as he could and jumped into the truck. Whilst he sat by me, he told me he was not a thief as they claim”.

He asked me to drive as fast as I could to take him away from his killers”. Abu revealed on Tumu-based Radford FM

Abu said he saw a sidearm with the late Maxwell Mahama who also looked worried and traumatized as the charged mob will not listen even as he tried to escape their claws.

He said he is currently cooperating with the police as he reports to give information each time his assistance is required expressing hope that the perpetrators of the dastardly act will be brought to book.

Source: mynewsgh.com