“I Am Tight To Single Women But Not To Married Women” – Atta Poku

Seasoned sports journalist and lecturer, Collins Atta Poku affectionately called the “Bishop in sports”, has disclosed that he loves being close and around single women but distant himself from married ones.

The lecturer disclosed this in an interview with Nana Osei-Kese (Mr. Bones) on Music Plus aired on Kessben TV.

“I don’t befriend married women so tight but for single women I do befriend them very tight, because if you are not very careful with married women they will use you as a standard for their husbands, but for the unmarried ones very tight” he said with a smile.

Atta Poku, has over the years won the hearts of many with his analytical prowess and versatility, doubled with Academic excellence which many believe is the reason to why he has a lot of female friends but the staunch Liverpool supporter believes otherwise and says is not only his works that attract ladies to him but because he also likes them.

“It’s not all the time the ladies like you, there are times I also like them, I won’t lie, it’s true, you meet some of these people and you realize that they are warm people, it is part of it”

When asked how he manages his life around women as a lecturer and a media person, the alumni of KNUST said he lives with it and does not manage it.

“I don’t manage it, I live with it, this is what I do and at some point in time it takes it cause, I know where my hunch is, the women will come,  I am a nice person, but look why shouldn’t I fraternize with the people I am with” he said.