Hon. Archibold’s Appeal helps Victims of Atomic gas explosion

The Greater Accra Regional NADMO Director who is also a Regional Chairman hopeful of the New Patriotic Party is having a great sigh of relief as his passionate calls made in the wake of the recent fire disaster are yielding positive results.

As of today Thursday 12th October 2017, two major pharmaceutical companies- Tobinco Pharmaceuticals and East Cantonment-donated assorted medical items mainly medicines to support victims of last week gas explosion that occurred at Atomic Junction in the Madina Municipality.

Hon.Archibold presenting the pharmaceutical products to 37 military Hospital

Hon.Archibold Cobbina during the rescuing of survivors made a passion
ate appeal through the media to philanthropists and the business communities to extend helping hands to victims of the accident.

Just within a week into his call, two of Ghana’s most trusted pharmaceutical companies- Tobinco Pharmaceuticals and East Cantonment Pharmacy swiftly responded to his appeal with all the seriousness and urgency it deserves.

Hon. Cobbina later in the day also donated the items to the hospitals treating the accident victims.

Readers will recall that, the Greater Accra Chairman hopeful since his assumption into office as Regional NADMO Director has not relented in his quest to redefine how the organization operates even in its current “resouceless” state.


Invoices of the donation from the pharmaceutical giants

Before the onset of this year rains, Hon.Archibold launched “Operations Prevent Disaster” (OPD) by partnering with the business community in Ghana to support in the management of disaster in the Region.

This had since been successful and his leadership role commended by both the Government and Ghanaians in general.

Hon.Archibold Cobbina whilst in opposition as a the Regional Organizer together with his team employed many ingenious means to mobilize and organize effective campaign in the Greater Accra resulting in impressive results in the 2016 elections.

He is a dynamic politician that many see as skillful and politically gifted that has a lot to give the Party if delegates would give him the nod as the Regional Chairman.

Looking at the political dynamism in the Region and also the potential candidates vying for the position, Hon. Archibold by all political standards stands tall.

He is the many party faithfuls who believe the Party should be led by real politicians who understand the game of politics. He inspires a lot of delegates who believe politicians cannot buy their conscience with money.

As twice Assembly Member and current Regional Organizer, he is the candidate to watch in next year internal elections of the New Patriotic Party.

Credit: Elliot Asante