Green Cola from the natural sweetener stevia now in Kumasi

The green cola drink which originates from Greece is now in the Kumasi market after the official launch in Accra couple of weeks ago.

The sugar free product which is prepared from the natural sweetener stevia with guaranteeing low calories is good for people with diabetic and high blood pressure. The product is also good for people who are simply allergic to sugar drinks.

The product which is green  in brand depicts the natural sweetener stevia used in the manufacture of this natural drink.

The product which is currently  been distributed by Madam Rosina Okrah in a kumasi Suburb of Atonso  spoke about the product which is 4month in Ghana and first in the sub region as the best alternative drink for non sugar refreshment drink for  all people.

Below is audio interaction with  Madam Rosina Okrah the Ashanti Regional distributor of the green cola product .


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