The Ghana National Chamber of Licensed Banker to Banker Lotto Operators and Agents(GNCLBBLOA) led by Mr. Frank Adjei would like to state emphatically that, the Chamber has absolutely nothing to do with Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and the Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG).

We wish to set the record straight that CLAAG led by kwaku Duah-Tawiah is Not and can never be the mouthpiece of all Private Lotto Operators and Agents across the country. The Chamber does not recognize CLAAG and Kwaku Duah-Tawiah, and we urge the general public to totally ignore his reckless utterances.

The Ghana National Chamber of Licensed Banker to Banker Lotto Operators and Agents welcomed the One Million Ghana Cedis License Fee and as a matter of fact, we were the first group in Ghana to pay to the National Lottery Authority the said License Fee as a pre-requisite for the registration, validation and granting of license.

We are of the view that such a laudable initiative would help to:
1. Create legitimate lottery businesses.

2. Expand the operations of Lottery industry.

3. Ensure equity and standardization in the lottery operations.

4. Bring sanity to the Lottery Industry.

5. Generate substantial revenue for Government.

6. Create a lot of employment opportunities for the youth.

We would like to urge the NLA and Government to cause the arrest and prosecution of illegal Lotto Operators and Agents who refuse to take the advantage of the opportunity that NLA gave in order to serve as a deterrent to all illegal Lotto Operators and Agents. We are there to support any Government to succeed and we will never be an obstacle to any Government.

CLAAG is not associated with GNCLBBLOA. We have no affiliation with Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and CLAAG. And the Chamber would like to put it on record that CLAAG and Kwaku Duah-Tawiah do not have any mandate to speak on behalf of Private Lotto Operators and Agents in Ghana.

We are on course and patiently waiting for our license from NLA. The Chamber fully supports the License Fee of One Million Ghana Cedis for Private Lotto Operators who want to operate nationwide.

Mr. Frank Adjei
(Leader/Executive Chairman)