Giving Power to Nana Akufo Addo and his NPP is tantamount to pushing Ghana Into serious Crisis.


The Ashanti Regional National Democratic Congress ( NDC )  Vice Chairman in charge of operations ,Hon.Alex Attivor Sawyer emphasizing on the measures settled aside by the NDC Government to upgrade the standard of leaving in Ghana to compete that of the developed countries has stressed out that ,” Nana Akuffo Addo and his NPP are not ready for power this time so voting them into power is like Ghanaians pushing Ghana over into a serious crisis “.

Moreover ,He emphatically bemoaned that politics does not call for insults or blackmailing but is rather a battle of ideas so looking at the flag bearer of the biggest opposition party New Patriotic Party (NPP ) Strategies with responds to His mean to win any how campaign messages which comprises with only lies and insults ,He Hon.Alex Attivor Sawyer can boldly say that Ghanaians will regret voting Him and His NPP into power “for He shall use them any how ” as his own property bought with his pocket money.

More so, he stated that the division of the NPP is a clear evidence without a reasonable doubt that , they cant establish any meaningful development in Ghana when the power mantle is giving ,for no organisation can be accountable without unity reigning among them.

The  vice Hon.Chairman in charge of operations on the ticket of NDC in Ashanti Region, Hon.Alex Attivor Sawyer reviewed that it is very surprising as to how some people has decided to pretend not seeing nor hearing all the developmental project been initiated by the government of the republic of Ghana ,His Excellency John Dramani Mahama but he respect Ghanaians so much because they are wiser enough to distinguish the truth of the NDC’s from the packaged sweet lies of the NPP’s which is aimed at deceiving Ghanaians to vote them into power .

He finally urged all Ghanaians to maintain the president and also vote for all the parliamentary candidates of NDC coming November general elections for a better and a developed Ghana.